September 29, 2023

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Chrome adds a custom user interface for Google Password Manager

Chrome adds a custom user interface for Google Password Manager

Google’s ongoing work to make Password Manager more popular continues with a major upgrade on the Chrome desktop that’s rolling out now.

For starters, “Password Manager” now appears in the three-dot/overflowing menu in Chrome, while you can also create a desktop shortcut on Mac and Windows. This opens – chrome://password-manager/passwords – a new, custom, full-screen user interface with a four-color key logo and a search bar on top. The previous experience was somewhat buried and overlapping.

“Passwords” is the first tab, featuring a simple menu with an “Add” shortcut in the top left. In fact, in the Settings tab, you can now import passwords — via a .csv file — from other credential managers to show them in Google Password Manager and sync across signed-in Android and Chrome devices.

Meanwhile, Google now allows you to add notes to your saved credentials. You can quickly view them when browsing by clicking on the key icon in the address bar.

Finally, Google says that “biometric authentication will soon appear on your desktop,” allowing you to require additional verification before Chrome autofills your password. As on a mobile phone, this will work with fingerprint and face recognition, as well as “other methods supported by the computer’s operating system.”

Meanwhile, verify the password Chrome for iOS It will soon warn you about weak and reused passwords as well as hacked/leaked passwords. In addition, Google has modified the login UI with a more clickable auto-fill prompt, while “multiple accounts saved for one website will be conveniently grouped together”.

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