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Brighton Journal | 24th February 2020

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Cinema Or Theatre? How Brightonians Like Spending Their Evenings!

Cinema Or Theatre? How Brightonians Like Spending Their Evenings!
Hannah Midgley

With the Fringe, the Brighton Festival and so many places to go and see amazing plays and shows all year round, one might be tempted to think that going to the theatre would be one of the favorite past times around here and make life hard for other activities to spend your evenings with, like going to the cinema. We wanted to know what Brightonians actually prefer, going to the cinema or to the theatre. Here is what they told us.


Georgie answered: I definitely prefer going to the cinema. I did GCSE and A-level in Drama and they always made us watch these really cheap shows and we had to overanalyse them and it just felt a bit forced. It is really hard to get to see good actors who actually make their part believable.


Jay answered: I really like going to the cinema because you’ve got the Picturehouse at Komedia and the Duke of York’s and that’s really strong in Brighton. The Duke of York does older releases which are quite nice to watch.


Georgina answered: I think a theatre play would be more fun to watch because it is more interactive, totally different to cinema. I have to say that I go to see more musicals than actual plays because it is a better atmosphere but when the decision is down to cinema or theatre, then I would go for the theatre play.


Dave answered: It depends. If it was a really good play, then I would go to the theatre. If it was a really good movie, then I would prefer going to watch that.


Betty answered: In general, I would say cinema. I mean, I do go to some plays but only when I know someone who plays in it. My housemate is into acting, so I go and see some of his plays from time to time and I sometimes go to Komedia, but that’s about it.


Courtney answered: If I had the choice, I would go for the movie because that’s just what I am used to. I don’t go to the theatre often. I would go but it would have to be a very good show!


Seems like Brightonians still prefer watching movies than plays! What about you? Tell us on our Facebook page.

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