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Controversial practice of sunbathing in the anus, a trend on social networks

Controversial practice of sunbathing in the anus, a trend on social networks

What is the most interesting technique promoted by influencers to “impress” energy and “fill the body with vitamin D”? However, doctors advise against it.

April 25, 2022 2:30 p.m.

It’s been a few weeks now In Social media One particular practice stands alone for its ability to “recharge energy” and “replenish the body with vitamin D”, according to influencers and Instagram users who spread it.. This technique is known as “Butt Sunning” (“Anal Sun Bathing” in Spanish) and sunbathing with the feet up, leaving the rectum uncovered.

This trend began to strengthen in 2019 among the so-called “healthy influencers”, which attracted the attention of news websites. United StatesEngland and Australia, And received the support of some notable figures in Hollywood entertainment. Recently, this trend was felt in the country by the hand of one of the most influential people in Argentina.

From your official account InstagramMusic and Influencer Pilar Cabrera Called him Nearly 60 thousand followers Take a few seconds out of your daily routine by exposing your private parts to sunlight: “Beautiful day for sunbathing in the anus“, He wrote in a release,” In 30 seconds or 1 minute (because they will make you stay for a while) you will activate that positive energy and change that day from boom to first place. A unique feeling Try and tell“, He exclaimed.


However, the truth is many Health professionals Due to the rapid increase in the practice of the said exercise they had to pronounce in this matter and they promised The benefits it is supposed to bring are unsubstantiated Y The only thing that can cause it is burns in that area and in more severe cases, cancer.

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