November 28, 2022

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Cooling Email | Safety measures in schools in the United States

Email shock. The day after the Texas massacre, a Miami school sent it to the parents of an eight (8) year old girl. In a certain sense, the school wants to reassure parents that the same thing will not happen there. Below is a list of some of the protocols and measures in place to guarantee the safety of all: We have four armed guards and police officers on campus. More than 200 cameras on the premises were monitored by two full-time security officers. Weekly active sniper training sessions will be conducted by armed personnel only. Quarterly school locking exercises were conducted by the boys. These latest exercises in which children participate now take place weekly. A siren sounds and the rehearsal sees children running to their classrooms, throwing themselves under the desk, turning off all the lights, and being quiet throughout the exercise. Sometimes it’s a quiet time. The mother who received the email says His eight (8) year old daughter did not sleep that night.


The May 24 massacre in Wolverhampton, Texas, did not create a catastrophe for the victims, their families, or the state of Texas alone: ​​as you can see, the catastrophic effect is affecting the entire United States, especially elementary schools. According to the account CNN, It was the 30th armed invasion of a school known as the K-12 in Texas. I.e., with students up to 12 years of age.

Makes you shiver

The letter to the mother of an eight-year-old girl (8 years old) was detailed. It tells of other safety measures the Florida school will take. Page 12 Write the words from the email:

* Transparent Backpack Policy: All non-transparent bags will be safely checked and kept in one place. Twice-searched container room.

* All staff are trained in all aspects of security, including lockdown procedures. Tactical defense (response to active shooters), CPR and emergency injury care.

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* Each classroom is equipped with hospital grade trauma equipment.

* Classroom doors are locked at all times and additional barrier locks are included.

* All classroom windows are impact resistant glass.

* Reinforced 2.40 meter fence around the entire company with emergency escape chicks for massive evacuation events.

*Armed guards patrol the perimeter of the school.

Keep in mind that these are just a few examples of ethics that keep everyone safe. Security is our priority. If your child is worried about what happened, find out that our school counselors are available to talk to them. Specially trained to work with children at risk. We are a family. We will continue to care and appreciate each other. Together we will be the eyes and ears of our security team. Thanks”.


Of course, the boys’ participation training – now weekly – was very shocking. The red code alarm sounds, indicating the presence of the shooter. Immediately screams, runs, and students are taught to cover up.

Boys, if they are not in their classroom, they should run there. They should move the desks to the back wall and hide under them, usually lying on the floor. The door is locked with a security key, the lights are turned off, and only the teacher’s computer is turned on. They have to maintain complete silence for a long time, sometimes up to an hour.

The impact is so strong: The mother of an eight (8) year old girl in Miami tells the newspaper that her daughter did not sleep on the night of the drill, and of course she did not sleep either. Even though Miami is 1,600 kilometers from Waldow, the mother is scared and the daughter is scared. Similarly, everyone knows that one of the worst school massacres took place in Florida: on February 14, 2018, 19-year-old Nicholas Cruz entered Stoneman Douglas High School, killing 17 students and injuring 17 others. Stoneman is 30 minutes from Miami. , Which is actually the outskirts of the city. Cruz was arrested and sentenced on June 27. It is clear that a sniper can appear anywhere in the country, and that happens more and more often, especially after an outbreak.

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As is known, the Texas sniper, who turned 18 and had a mental history, bought an assault rifle at a nearby gun shop on Tuesday, May 17th. At the same time, he took 375 bombs. Three days later, on Friday, May 20, he went back to the same store and bought a second assault rifle. Investigations show he fired hundreds of shells at the school, which he confessed to without any restraint.

At the NRA (National Rifle Association) conference in Houston, Texas this Friday, Senator Ted Cruz, leader of the North American Right, supported the free sale of weapons: “We need to strengthen the solution to school shootings by installing bulletproof doors and closing classroom doors in all schools.”

Over the past two days, the governor of Texas has had to admit that when the shooter entered, the school’s security officer (resource officer) was not in his position and that the assault police had been active for an hour. “It’s a mistake,” he said.


But for many fathers and mothers living in the United States, the lack of gun control and the sale of firearms to children and adults without a minimum of psychological testing is not the only cause of immunity. “There is no propaganda or policy on bullying, it is on the rise,” says the mother of an eight (8) year old girl. There is no psychological help in cases of depression, isolation or abuse. ”.

Woldeaux sniper Salvador Ramos is known to have been plagued by stuttering in his speech and a particular Lisp, great difficulties in mastering subjects and troubled family life. In fact, he started the massacre by shooting his own grandmother.

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August 2020 – Delivered this Friday New York Times–Five different security forces took part in a training exercise in Uvalde, more precisely on the porch of a school, not in this tragedy. There were no classes at the time and the opportunity for a mega essay was taken. An attack team –SWAT– also took part, mapping out all the schools in the area. The truth is, no one can stop an 18-year-old man from easily buying two assault rifles.

To protect the fantastic arms trade, right-wing politicians are paying billions of dollars and insisting that the solution is to improve security measures in schools. His spokesman, Donald Trump, said this Friday that “only a bad guy with a gun and a good guy with a gun can stop him.” He added, “The solution is to put metal detectors and mechanisms to close the doors from the inside, to avoid intruders.”

On the other hand, the majority of North Americans demand that these billions of dollars be invested in arms control and, above all, mental health. This is not the majority that is reflected in the US Congress, let alone the Supreme Court of that country. But they seem to be more reasonable solutions than in some years, and in some cases, allow children and parents to be subjected to exercises that do not allow them to sleep at night.