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Brighton Journal | 22nd February 2020

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Could You Become Brighton’s Next Urban Ninja?

Could You Become Brighton’s Next Urban Ninja?
Hannah Midgley

If you have ever watched Ninja Warrior on TV and thought that the person fighting their way through the insane obstacle course could be you, then this is your chance to free your inner ninja. Urban Ninja UK is coming to Brighton’s Level this weekend with two different obstacle courses for you to try.

A total of 20 obstacles will be waiting for you on the Level divided into two courses, each one with a different level of difficulty. While The Tame is considered to be the ‘nicer’ one suitable for everyone who wants to try it, The Insane will get participants to push their boundaries further than ever before.

During your two-hour time slot in the obstacle course, you will get the chance to practise on every single obstacle before you absolve your timed run which will decide on whether you will walk out of the competition with the medal of Brighton’s new best ninja around your neck.

All obstacles are inspired by the original Ninja Warrior obstacle course and guidance on spot is ensured by team members of Urban Ninja UK. As the obstacle courses already represent enough of a challenge, there will be no mud involved making the task more difficult and there won’t be a long distance to cover either.

The challenge will run on both days, Saturday, July 15, and Sunday, July 16, on the Level. To take part in the event, you have to be at least 16 years old and register in advance.

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