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Brighton Journal | 7th December 2019

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Could You Join The Disco Bunny on His Joyful Adventures?

Could You Join The Disco Bunny on His Joyful Adventures?
Hannah Midgley

Featured image taken in North Street by Lesley Burdett

Everyone in Brighton and Hove knows the one and only Disco Bunny. Pablo Woodward has become something of a local icon since he started donning sparkles and skin-tight bodysuits in 2015 – one video of The Disco Bunny taken in North Street has more than 70 million views and counting.

Spreading joy and glitter on the streets of cities as far afield as Sydney, this happy nomad sends a message of uniting all people regardless of age, race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, and ability. Pablo has been a fixture outside Churchill Square and Waitrose in the past few months. His infectious smile and contagious laughter have cheered up many a Brightonian, but he’s now heading further afield to spread his message.  He feels the need to get out of Brighton in order to grow and spread his good vibes until the Disco Bunny becomes a global movement.


Pablo in Australia, by Liam Thomas

When we met Pablo last week for a chat, he said: “What makes me happiest is meeting people, being with people, learning from people.”

It’s no surprise that after two years he fancies a change of scenery and the chance to connect with new crowds. Pablo is seeking adventurers to join him on his UK tour from Land’s End to John O’Groates – a route he has tried twice and failed to complete both times. For this, he would like to build a team which he describes as ‘like the Hobbits to his Gandalf’. He’s also keen for anyone who loves his work to tag along on his world tour from Portugal to Vietnam and everywhere in between.

The aim of the tour is to start a global movement which gets people questioning their own lifestyle decisions, taking control of their lives, and opening their eyes and hearts to the beauty and love around them. “My message to the world is what I’m trying to do,” explained Pablo, “I am trying to create a world – or make a positive change to the world – whereby people open their eyes and look at each other as fellow humans, appreciating that we are one. I want people to reailse the beauty and similarity in each other, and to avoid judgement.”

Anyone keen with an adventurous spirit and an endless supply of energy can contact Pablo about joining him here.

Read our full interview here.

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