April 13, 2024

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Crackdown in Iran: Authorities arrest two women for dancing in public

Crackdown in Iran: Authorities arrest two women for dancing in public
Iranian authorities have arrested two women who danced in the streets of Tehran

The Iranian authorities They have Two women who danced were arrested on the streets Tehrandressed up 'Hi Frost'A Burlesque character Announcing the arrival NowruzHe Persian New Year.

At the behest of the Tehran Prosecutor's Office, the two men were arrested and an investigation has been launched. Judicial process About it,” the company reported this Saturday TasnimA day later International Women's Day.

The prosecutor's office confirmed that they were arrested In Iran, women are prohibited from dancing in public or in the presence of men, in violation of the law..

The arrest came after a video of the girls dancing in the capital's main square went viral on social media. TajrishDressed in red with a swirling cap, pointed shoes and black paint on their faces, typical 'Hi Frooze' dress.

A file photo of an Iranian wearing a “Hi Firoz” character. EFE/Abedin Taherkenareh

'Hai Firoz' appears in the streets during the last weeks of the Iranian year, singing and dancing to herald the arrival of Nowruz, which marks the first day of spring and the start of the Persian year.

Women continue to suffer in Iran Restrictions on dancing and singing in front of men. Singers too They can only hold concerts for women.

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To this we must add complexity HijabIn September 2022, his death in custody sparked massive protests across Iran Mahza AminiA 22-year-old woman has been arrested for improperly wearing an Islamic veil.

These protests ended with a brutal crackdown a few months later 500 died and 22,000 were arrested.

Iran A total of 834 people were executed last year, the highest since 2015, after the country's use of the death penalty increased, two human rights groups said on Tuesday.

The number of executions in this country has increased by 43% over the previous year.

Iran has carried out the highest number of executions in the last 10 years. Stock photo

It is the second time in two decades that more than 800 executions have been carried out in a single year, after 972 executions in 2015, they said in a joint statement. Iranian Human Rights (IHR)Basically NorwayAnd Coalition Against the Death Penalty (ECPM) Based on French Paris.

Groups blamed Iran Using the death penalty to spread the word Fear in society Following protests sparked by the death in 2022 AminiWhile in police custody.

“The only way a regime clings to power is to create public fear, and the death penalty is its most important tool.”mentioned in the report Mahmoud Amiri-MoghadamDirector IHR.

Iran It has executed nine people for attacks against security forces in protests, two in 2022, six in 2023 and one so far in 2024, according to the groups.

In this file photo, Sept. A photo of Iranian Mahsa Amini is pictured with a photo of a woman during a protest against her death in Berlin, Germany, on 28, 2022. (AP Photo/Marcus Schreiber, File)

Death sentences have increased on other charges, particularly drug cases, which have declined in recent years.

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“Of particular concern is the dramatic increase in the number of executions for drugs in 2023, which reached 471 people, 18 times more than those recorded in 2020”The report says.

Especially members of ethnic minorities Sunny Baloch From the southeast IranHe adds that drug charges are “strongly overrepresented among those convicted.”

At least 167 minority members Baloch Executions carried out, meaning 20% ​​of all executions in 2023, the group represents only 5% of the Iranian population.

(With information from EFE and AFP)