February 22, 2024

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Cynthia Fernandez Crashed During Her Vacation: “I Think I Broke It”

Cynthia Fernandez Crashed During Her Vacation: “I Think I Broke It”
The dancer must put on ice

After a year of work, Cynthia Fernandez Enjoying a few days with her daughters on vacation in Uruguay with her daughters Charis, Bella and Francesca. Between games, movies and walks, the model tries to pamper the little ones and give them all the pleasures. It is in this context that, while trying to have fun together, the dancer has an accident and is forced to go to the hospital.

“Always wins…” Fernandez began on his Instagram, absolutely furious about the situation. Along with a picture of her swollen left foot, the media reported how she stubbed her big toe: “I think my big toe is broken. Apparently, he played when he was 10 years old. “She doesn’t understand that she is approaching 40,” he said.

An hour later, after being taken to the hospital and treated by doctors, the model uploaded a new photo to her stories. According to him, the experts’ diagnosis was positive, which is why he shared a picture of himself wearing flip-flops on the injured foot and a sneaker on the healthy foot to avoid injuring his toe further. “It’s now wave…pellet…asymptomatic,” he wrote.

Cynthia Fernandez shows how her leg looks after the accident

Back home, Fernandez showed off how his leg is doing. Lying on the chair, she put ice on her swollen finger. “I didn’t break it, but I did break the little capsule that connects one bone to another, and it hurt for three weeks. I have a black leg, I can’t step, I have a flip-flop because I can’t wear sneakers. “I’ll send it or…” he said agonizingly as he described the diagnosis the doctors had given him.

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After some time away from the small screen – the dancer decided to go with her for a few days – due to the sleep of the series Paine de Tomorrow hosted by Fabian Doman in El Tres, in which he was part of the team. Daughters Charis, Bella and Francesca in the neighboring country.

Various videos show what Fernandez’s compound looked like. It is surrounded by nature and has many utility spaces such as indoor and outdoor heated pool, sauna, tennis courts, restaurant, children’s play garden, soccer tennis court, paddle tennis court and many more.

Cynthia Fernandez was shown leaving the hospital

Another photo he shared was of one of his daughters. With the phrase, “When did you grow up so much,” the model showed her surprise at the passage of time.

In a certain year, between working on television and his presentations in various projects, Fernandez showed a new venture with his friends on social networks. “The day has come! Today I’m going to set up my own escape room. My friends and I are going to go on this crazy adventure where our dreams are on the board! I hope you like the great work we’re doing! The love we put into welcoming you all,” said Charo, Bella. And said Francesca’s mother.

Also, Fernandez showed a change in one field of the place. “What you see here is our favorite place in the store, and we changed it without breaking anything,” he said, pointing to the vertical garden they put up on the walls. “Do you like the change? Like the news? Will they come? I read them (please fill this post with love, I’m so excited).

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These types of endeavors are recreational spaces where a group of people test themselves to solve a challenge. The game involves solving a series of puzzles and being able to leave the room within a certain time. In this sense, Cynthia shared some stories to show the whole renovation process and to tell more details about this new business: “We rented a very old, very dilapidated house, where we had to create many worlds. Therefore, the areas where they are going to serve as a living room need a lot of imagination, because they are full of feces. “We put in a lot of effort and dedication.”