February 22, 2024

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Dave Chappelle slams Katt Williams for insulting other comedians – Deadline

Dave Chappelle slams Katt Williams for insulting other comedians – Deadline

Dave Chappelle disagrees that Katt Williams' viral interview in which he insulted some of his peers was good for comedy.

Chappelle criticized Williams' targeting of Ice Cube and Kevin Hart, among others, when Williams appeared earlier this month on… Tea Club Tea Podcast. Chappelle spoke when he appeared on stage at the San Jose Improv on January 19.

Williams' interview went viral and was referenced last night on Saturday Night Live

Williams also had comments about Cedric the Entertainer and Steve Harvey in his book Tea Club Tea Rant.

Although Chappelle is known for his strict no-cellphone policy during his sets, parts of his Williams clip have been circulating on social media.

“What part of the game is this? He just gassed the n**. And he didn’t say anything about any of these white boys. None of these white boys work like that,” Chappelle said. “Kat is one of the best animators in the game. So why do you paint ugly pictures of us? Stop. People who hurt hurt people, but I'm a hurt person who never hurts people, and he does it all the time.

“Fuck this, fuck this, fuck that,” Chappelle said, impersonating Williams, before adding: “But, oh my God, I didn’t hear anything.” You did wrong. He did nothing wrong? Kat didn't do anything wrong?… Kat was talking about things n-gas did to other gases, but not about anything n-gas did to him.

Chappelle continued: “If I tell my story, it'll break your heart… I lost everything and I never told anyone, and this nigga is the one who rules the truth. Kat, listen, I'm fucking Kat hard, but… DeRay, tell me, aye.” Part of the game is having sex with another card? What part of the game is about telling someone else off?”

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The comedian questioned why Williams would controversially call out his peers when “we're all trying to be better.”