June 24, 2024

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Delegates: They challenged Maximo Kirchner for being late to the session and endangering the quorum.

Delegates: They challenged Maximo Kirchner for being late to the session and endangering the quorum.

A strange scene took place at the beginning of the session House of Representatives It discusses the extension of major national lines of taxation. The ruling party and coalition legislators were sitting in the chamber, gathering 128 people, and they lacked only one deputy to properly start the assembly session. The quorum of the Together for Alternative strategy then revealed an unexpected absence Maximo Kirchner.

representatives Before all They looked at each other in amazement until he resigned in anticipation of a vote on a deal with the International Monetary Fund (IMF). Suddenly, Maximo Kirchner entered the room, rushing As an apologist, he creates an identity for his mates on the bench. He wasn’t the only late official: he was also seen speeding into the Buenos Aires sub. Eduardo Valdez.

But the situation did not end there: Cecilia MoreyThe Speaker of the Lower House, suffering from a lack of quorum and playing the challenge of opening a special session, took the microphone and warned: “I would like to ask at least the representatives in my constituency to review the session schedule”, launched from the main stage. The phrase did not go unnoticed among pro-government legislators, who gave it a slap on the wrist to Máximo Kirchner and Valdés.

The ruling party sat in the chamber and waited for Maximo Kirchner to start the sessionPress

The start of the session was already delayed due to negotiations between FDT and JxC on how to approach the extension of taxes -some important ones like VAT and profits-, which took the start time from 12 to 12:30. But from those conversations – in which they participated, among others German Martinez, Carlos Heller, Mario Negri Y Luciano Laspin– They did not materialize and the main opposition party, Interblock, did not come to the venue. And the ruling party is forced to reach a quorum.

Moment of quorum, without PvC interblock
Moment of quorum, without PvC interblockPress

It was at that time that the absence of other pro-government legislators such as Maximo Kirchner and Eduardo Valdes was noticed, but the FDT had the support of opposition legislators. Florence Randazzo Y Joseph Louis Espert. Libertarian Javier M, who sat down early on his bench, disappeared from the room amid the situation. Neither did representatives of the Left Miriam Bregman Y Nicholas Del Cano.

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In a few minutes, the delegation left a little more 90 to 125. They gathered 128 But they had to wait Maximo Kirchner entered to quickly take his seat, which is not in the center of the official bench but at one end, in one of the corridors of the enclosure. From there, head of La Cámpora and Buenos Aires B.J Apologized, connecting both hands. Likewise, he could not avoid More’s challenge to ask his teammates to go to time.

The moment Maximo Kirchner and other pro-government legislators received a slap on the wrist from Cecilia Moray