September 26, 2023

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Delsey Rodríguez is gaining international prominence: she represents the Venezuelan dictatorship in Europe

Delsey Rodríguez is gaining international prominence: she represents the Venezuelan dictatorship in Europe
Delsey Rodríguez is gaining international prominence: she represents the Venezuelan dictatorship in Europe

“In the name of the President Nicolás Maduro We have come to Brussels to participate III EU-CELAC Summit. “Bolivarian diplomacy for peace supports respectful relations between equals and is the voice of our people in the world,” the vice president of the Chavista dictatorship wrote on his Twitter account.

The message was also included The video of his arrival in Brussels is another example of how the regime is gaining international prominence.

Maduro will be replaced by Rodríguez at the meeting of leaders of the two constituencies, is meeting for the first time since 2015 with the aim of resuming ties between the two regions. However, the European bloc has “thorny” relations with regimes in the region, which could complicate dialogue.

With Caracas, EU relations are particularly tense European Union countries believe the election that saw Nicolás Maduro secure his second term was rigged.

The EU defends “a peaceful and democratic solution led by Venezuela to end the protracted political crisis” and affirms that this means that the next presidential elections in 2024 must be “credible, transparent and inclusive”.

The president of Venezuela’s parliament, Jorge Rodríguez, rejected last Thursday that the European Union would send an electoral mission to the elections. “They don’t come back because they are rude, because they are colonialists,” Rodriguez warned.

The European Union sent an observation mission to Venezuela for regional and municipal elections at the end of 2021, the first since 2006, highlighting further progress but criticizing “arbitrary disqualification of candidates”.

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Besides, andThe European Union expressed its “concern” over the disqualification of opposition pre-candidate María Corina Machado.and recommended a review of the Comptroller General’s role in the case.

with NicaraguaThe EU has a tense relationship with sanctions imposed on several senior officials, including the wife of the president. Daniel OrtegaVice President Rosario Murillo has been banned from entering Europe.

“The EU faces many different countries with different ambitions and political sensibilities. And in some cases it maintains limited and prickly relations with Nicaragua and Venezuela”, explained to AFP Christopher Sabatini, a researcher at Chatham House.

During the summit, the leaders plan to discuss issues such as trade relations, reform of the international financial system, climate change and energy and digital transformations.

Pedro Sanchez, in his dual capacity as head of the Spanish government and rotating president of the Council of the European Union, wants to revitalize and strengthen ties between the two regions and make progress on the trade deals he hopes to reach before December 31. Specifically, andAgreement between the European Union and Mercosur (formed by Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay) And twenty-seven are Mexico and Chile in that upgrade.

Sources in the Spanish government believe there are still outstanding margins, and while their wish is for the summit to open the way for them to sign this semester, if that is not possible, they believe they will do so. It was finalized to approve European elections in the spring of 2024.

The war in Ukraine will also feature at the summit. There are countries hoping that support for Ukraine will be mentioned in the summit’s final declaration, but there is reluctance on the part of some Latin American participants.

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Before the start of the leaders’ sessions, there will be a business forum in Brussels, in which Sanchez, van der Leyen and Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva will participate, among others.

Information with EFE and AFP

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