April 23, 2024

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Denmark: A prototype country looking to the future of COVID-19 has announced that the epidemic will end in two more months.

Tyra Grove Cross, a senior epidemiologist at the Danish State Serum Institute, has found that a new study from the organization halves the risk of hospital admission from delta to delta variant (REUTERS).

Denmark’s predictions are being taken seriously around the world. The reason is, they are fundamentally situated The global corona virus surveillance system is designed for such times, As the nature of the virus changes rapidly, as described in a recent article in the newspaper Washington Post.

Amid the progress of the Omigran variant, which has given an updated impetus to the corona virus health crisis, many are looking at this country – especially its State Serum Institute, Dedicated to testing, monitoring and modeling – looking for warnings about what might happen.

Tyra Grove CrossThe head of the epidemiology department of this prestigious center, Announced that the epidemic would end in two months Down the chain Danish TV2 His optimism this Monday night is based on the results of a study conducted by his organization.

An expert of high value internationally, he said the Omigron variant puts an end to the epidemic. “In two months we will be back to our normal lives.”

Speaking on Danish television, Cross based this claim A new study from his organization has found that the risk of being hospitalized from Omigran is half that of delta variants.

It said, “Danish authorities are hopeful that the Govt-19 epidemic in Denmark will end in two months.”

In an article entitled “Why should you look to Denmark to see the future of COVID-19”, The famous American newspaper in mid-December recreated the series of reviews of the epidemiologist, pointing out how important it was to model the course of the virus in the coming weeks.

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Next month will be a tough time for the epidemicKrause confirmed from the Danish Institute campus to the North American newspaper.

“Omigron is here to stay and will provide a massive spread of the epidemic next month. Once that is done, we will be in a better place than before,” Danish officials (Getty) said.

Since the new variant appeared in November, The biggest expectation among scientists is the hospitalization and exposure to the impact of the serious incidence of Omicron infections. The hypothesis that it could cause a less serious disease than the competing Delta version would make this wave more manageable and help transform it from a Govt-19 into a local disease.

According to a new study, Krause argued: Ómicron is here to stay and the epidemic will spread greatly next month. When it is finished, we will be in a better place than before”.

But despite that, Denmark has seen an increase in new cases in recent weeks, and on Sunday recorded its highest average number of infections in seven days, up from an average of 20,886 in the previous week, even one in a million cases per million. Is very high in Europe. .

The highest number of new infections was reported in Copenhagen on December 27 (41,035), according to Denmark. Daily Mail.

Looking at the current picture of the state of health, at first glance the optimistic outlook may seem unfounded. However, even if Omigran causes mild symptoms, hospital pressure may be important.

This is how the expert recognized it: “It will drown hospitals”, Grove Cross said. “I have no doubt about that. “ Therefore, the forecasts for Denmark will not prevent the current wave from being an unprecedented blow.

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But confirming the relatively mild nature of this variation – more forgivable than previous strains – and its rapid spread allows us to develop precisely unprecedented confidence, according to a study by Tyra Grove Cross.

From the Danish State Serum Institute, health officials announced an immediate return "Normal life" (Reuters)
From the Danish state serum company, health officials announced an immediate return to “normal life” (REUTERS).

As a result, it will provide a good level of immunity among the population, the scientist said. Cross, however, stressed that more work needs to be done to fight the epidemic in the coming months.

“Omigran will peak at the end of January, and in February we will see a decrease in the pressure of infections and a decrease in the pressure on the health system.”He added: “But we have to try in January because it’s hard to get past.”

A global example of Danish epidemiological models. Performs monitoring and monitoring systemThe That country can do more tests than any other country in the world, for example at seven times the per capita rate in the United States.

Ability to rack and locate Virus exposure to each test allows laboratory technicians to identify daily positives, but know which variant is responsible for each case.

In addition to the genetic sequencing capacity of the State Serum Institute and its affiliated centers, It adds more information and allows researchers to not only see the mutations but also understand who was affected.

This makes the predictions of Danish scientists very relevant. Some scientists believe that the rise of Denmark is a week or two ahead of other Western countries.

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“We see things in practice in real time”, Confirmed Arie Cohen A Washington Post, Head of Development of Laboratory for processing test results and initial analysis of variants.

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