April 13, 2024

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Destiny 2 cheat creators reach $13.5 million settlement with Bungie

Destiny 2 cheat creators reach $13.5 million settlement with Bungie

In a rather stunning conclusion to a lawsuit brought by Bungie in August last year, the owners Fate 2 Scams, Veterancheats, LaviCheats and Elite Boss Tech will have to pay a settlement totaling about $13.5 million in damages. This settlement accounts for a $2,000 fine for each violation of the anti-fraud provisions of the DMCA – 17 USC Section 1201A and B – Multiplied by approximately 6,765 unique downloads of the respective software.

According to a report by Andy Maxwell on TorrentFreakBanji charged the defendants with copyright infringement as well as extortion, fraud, money laundering, fraud law violations and computer abuse.

Cheating in games like Fate 2 It prompted developers to use increasingly strict methods to combat the spread of these programs. Employing these countermeasures can be very difficult and costly, especially in the case of live service games like Fate 2 which has an ecosystem that changes regularly.

Bungie stated in previous court filings that in addition to compromising the gameplay experience of Fate 2The availability of these frauds means that “the vigil against fraud can never stop”, while countermeasures are “extremely expensive”.

The case initially appeared to be destined for trial, but now, a consensus has been reached with the defendants, Robert James Dothy Nelson, Elite Boss Tech, and 11020781 Canada. This agreement states that Defendants accept responsibility for creating and distributing these frauds, that the breach was intentional, and that their software is designed to circumvent the technological measures Bungie uses to control access to its software.

This settlement is consistent with other similar lawsuits that Bungie has brought over the past year In cooperation with Ubisoft And the Post with Riot Games Both of them were intended to deceive manufacturers who produce illegal software for them Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege And the brave , In addition to Destiny 2. The case with Riot Games resulted in $2 million in damages to the developers, while the joint case with Ubisoft is still pending litigation.

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Such cases are becoming increasingly common and unprecedented. Back in January, Activision filed a lawsuit against it Call of duty Cheat Engine Maker Quote Similar Fee She is currently seeking hundreds of millions in compensation.