June 20, 2024

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Destiny 2’s technical issues and “priority” fixes are getting stressful

Destiny 2’s technical issues and “priority” fixes are getting stressful

There’s an old adage that all toys are effectively held together by duct tape, and it’s a miracle anything ever works. But some games feel more worn out than others, and Destiny 2, now in its sixth year of content production, has been feeling a little flabby lately. A problem exacerbated by what He is They are fixed when other problems remain.

The final controversy was that while the new patch did some fun things like improving a lot of the weapons, it broke the game in a number of ways big and small. But as it turns out, at least some of the things that were seen as bugs were actually subtle bug fixes that weren’t mentioned in the initial patch notes, none of which were discussed beforehand.

Twelve different patch notes have been added to the list after the fact, including power-ups to the orb from some mods and nerfs to a specific type of playstyle. Things like farming multiple terminal overload boxes at once have also been fixed. But there are still plenty of broken fixes, and plenty of issues left in the long run.

The problem with game development is that you can’t really say “Why did you fix this and not this?” Due to the different complexity and difficulty of the issues within the game. It may seem easy to fix a blinking indicator and hard to lose a chest implant, but it may actually be the opposite. But the problem is at least appearance It’s a bad priority to drop things that look fun and that generally haven’t hurt anyone, especially with the bigger, more smashing things still intact.

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Then there’s the overall stability of the game, which has been poor lately, and wildly unstable over the past year. Server issues have occurred almost every day for the past week during peak nights. Recently we’ve been through a season where the entire API has been shutdown several times in order to fix a number of error codes in a row.

This all adds up to the psychology of the player base:

1) Many anti-player bugs are not fixed in time

2) Repair attempts often break more things than when they started

3) Priority fixes often seem to target things that benefit the player

4) Just playing the game often becomes unstable due to server issues and error codes.

It’s a lot, and every so often, it all hits at once, which is basically what we’re seeing right now. It’s a perfect storm for all of those, and I’ve seen a number of high-profile creators say in the aftermath that they might shelve Destiny for a while until it settles down or gets its priorities right. Or more specifically, “Thank God Diablo 4 is coming soon.”

I’m not about to give up on Destiny on any of these points, but I will admit to a certain level of fatigue with it all. Perhaps a game like this wasn’t meant to last for so long, as half of its content in the vault has already been sacrificed in order to make everything more manageable, and yet things continue to deteriorate significantly. And I hope that this path does not continue, or the game may really start to get into serious trouble.

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