April 22, 2024

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Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Open Stitch

Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Open Stitch
Photo: Nintendo Live

the new Disney Dreamlight Valley The update is finally here, and along with the new Toy Story world and festive winter content, you can also find Stitch from Lilo and Stitch And add it to the valley!

Here’s how to find the little rascal…

How to find Stitch in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to unlock Stitch 5
Photo: Nintendo Live

(Hat tip to Siriosi Find out when the second and third pair of socks come out!)

Find a wet sock

Go to Dazzle Beach and find Wet Sock. It’s a little blue dot that you’ll find on the sand – we found ours on the little island separated from the rest of the beach. Pick it up and take it to its owner…

Talk to Donald Duck

The “DD” on the sock was a good clue! Talk to Donald Duck to give him his sock (don’t worry, he’s not wearing it). He will tell you that some strange things are happening. It’s time to investigate…

Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to unlock Stitch 4
Photo: Nintendo Live

Go to Donald’s house

It’s the big boat. It must be on the beach. You can mark it on the map to evoke a path that will lead you there!

Destroy some trash

Destroy five piles of trash in Donald’s house by clicking on it. Easy to spot – it’s a pile of bricks, wood and metal.

Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to unlock Stitch 3
Photo: Nintendo Live

Find a strange device

After destroying the last garbage heap, you will find a strange device. pick it.

Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to unlock Stitch 2
Photo: Nintendo Live

Talk to Donald again

Donald shows the device and he accidentally triggers a DNA sequencer, which confirms there is… something. He will find more DNA sources, but it may take a while…

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(Beyond this point depends on steps Siriosi’s time-travel experiments – We haven’t filed ourselves, so we’ll update this when we have more info!)

Wait a few days

Five days later, another pair of socks will appear in Peaceful Meadow. These are goofy.

Wait a few more days

Five days after that, you’ll find your last pair of socks in the Forest of Valor. This time, it’s Merlin.

Find Stitch’s ship

The Stitch spaceship will spawn as soon as you have three pairs of socks!

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