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Does Nascimento Collapse, Evans Chipett Wins the Crazy NYC Marathon

Daniel Do Nascimento collapses while leading NYC Marathon

Daniel do Nascimento collapses while driving to New York

November 6, 2022

NEW YORK – The 2022 New York City Marathon TCS showcased a reminder of what happens when you fly close to the sun in a 26.2-mile race. For the first half of the Brazilian race Daniel do Nascimento Crazy split after crazy split despite unusually warm and humid conditions (68 degrees, 81% humidity, 61 dew points to start). He ran the second mile (downhill) on the Verrazzano-Narrows Bridge in 4:20, the first 10 km below the world record pace in 28:42 (2:01:03 pace), the first half in 61:22, nearly two minutes faster From Jeffrey Mutai63:18 split during his 2:05:06 course record in 2011. By this point, do Nascimento had built a 2:12 lead over second place.

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But things completely fell apart for him during the second half. First, do Nascimento took a bathroom break, and plunged into Portabotte for 18 seconds at mile 18. By 30k, his lead had fallen to 1:07, and would shrink further as do Nascimento stopped and walked another 20. 10 seconds later, and shortly thereafter, Do Nascimento came to a complete stop, flopped under the police tape marking the track and collapsed onto the side of the road.

Daniel do Nascimento lying on the track while leading the New York City Marathon

He was leading the New York City Marathon at the time.

This allowed for the Boston Marathon Evans Chipet To take the lead by default. Chebet. Those who began climbing the Queensboro Bridge split 14:37 from 25 to 30 kilos to quit the chase pack. Chebet led the pursuers by 28 seconds at 20 miles, but his lead was just 17 seconds at 35k (21.7 miles) over the 2018 runner-up. Shura Kitata. Advance dropped to 12sec at 40K, but the warm humid conditions affected Everyone At this point, he held out including Kitata and Chebet to win in 2:08:41, the slowest time to win since 2017.

Chebet became only the third man this century to win Boston and New York in the same year, joining Mutai (2011) and Rogers Rub (2002). Beyond that , Scott Vobel – He was wearing a Nike kit after agreeing to a sponsorship contract on the eve of the race – the American was first in ninth place with a time of 2:13:35. Galen Robe, who struggled with injuries throughout 2022, went out with the second set behind do Nascimento and was fifth in the middle of the road. But once Chebet made his move to break up the pack, Rupp couldn’t respond and ended up dropping out before 30k.

Results are analyzed and interviewed below.

Top 25 Men’s New York City Marathon Results

Quick take: Evans Chebet completes a remarkable year for himself, his coaching group and Kenya

Chebet is adding the New York City crown to Boston’s win in April, and while he used big field-breaking moves in both races, conditions made this a little different. In Boston, Chebet made a solid push coming from Heartbreak Hill and looked great to the finish to win in 2:06:51. Today, he moved earlier, right after halfway, and while he looked great for a while, leading the rest of the chasers by up to 28secs, he had to really grind it out on the final miles as that gap would shrink to a mere 12secs at 40 kilo.

It’s rare to see someone win New York City by slowing down so much – Shipt’s last three 5k splits were 14:37, 15:29, 15:58 – but the combination of Central Park’s hills and warm conditions left everyone feeling confused today.

With this win, Chebet has won five of his last six marathons and is now in strong conversation for the unnamed best marathon runner alive. Eliud Kipchoge. But Chebet might not even be the best guy in his Kapsabet training group under Claudio Berardelli. One of his training partners, Amos Kiprutowon London this year while another, Benson KiprutoShe won Boston last year and Chicago this year.

Chipet’s victory also means that Kenyan men have swept all six major marathons this year – the first time any country has won all six marathons in one year.

Quick take: Daniel do Nascimento foolishly ran, and unfortunately paid for it today

You never want to see an athlete collapse on the side of the road during a marathon, so it’s unfortunate that this is how Daniel do Nascimento’s marathon ended today. But you have to seriously question the decision-making that knocked out Do Nascimento at a world record speed by 10k, in a ridiculous 61:22, on a tough track in warm marathon weather. With the exception of Kipchoge, that pace was nowhere near sustained by any marathon runner in today’s conditions and Do Nascimento’s body started closing in with just over 10k. An important reminder that even if you feel comfortable early on, you should take your course and conditions into account.

Word on the street is that Do Nascimento was in the shape of a monster for New York. His first half showed it, but even in the age of super boots, especially on a warm day, the marathon distance still had to be respected.

Hopefully he will bounce back and be a force on the ring because his bravery or foolishness has undoubtedly earned him many fans.

Take it quick: Scott Vobel ran in typical smart races to end up as the best American again

Honestly, today hasn’t been a great day for American men – Fauble’s ninth-place ranking has been the lowest by the best American since 2013. But Fauble almost never runs a bad marathon, so perhaps not surprisingly, on the day his fellow countrymen struggled, Fauble was able to outsmart them all with another powerful, clever effort.

Vobel and coach Joe Bouchard Figured that, due to the heat, the course would slowly extend 3-4 minutes today and that 2:12 would be good enough to make it into the top five. So Vobel focused on running that fast (5:02/mile), and as soon as he saw the leaders go even faster, he backed off, confident that they would eventually get back to him. Fauble took the lead in the second group and encouraged the other Americans to stay at the 2:12 pace, the group separated about 12 miles away and Fauble was on his own after that.

Voble himself slowed down during the second half (split 66:14-67:21), and not everyone came back (2:12:00 would have finished sixth today). But on a day when everyone else struggled, Vobel was thrilled with his efforts and proud to finish as the best American, just as he did in Boston earlier this year.

“Anytime you can run really well on the big stage is very satisfying and being the best American is a huge bonus,” Vobel said.

Quick take: Fauble didn’t receive his Nike shirt until 10 p.m. Saturday

Fauble hasn’t had a shoe contract since deciding to leave the HOKA NAZ Elite team at the end of 2021, and just 24 hours before New York City, he didn’t have a sponsor, and he couldn’t come to an agreement he felt matched his value.

“It’s hard to get enough of the money I’m looking for,” Vobel said.

But Agent Fauble Josh Cox I was finally able to make some headway this week, and last night during dinner, Fauble got a text from Cox saying he had made a deal with Nike. Fauble signed up, and from there it was a crazy rush to make sure he would be fully outfitted in time to race. He went to the Nike store in New York to get some trainers and then picked up his jersey.

“It’s a big rush to get your jersey for the race at 10pm the night before,” Vobel said.

Going forward, Fauble said it was “a great relief” that the bail status had been sorted out.

“It’s good that this is behind us,” he said.

Quick Look: A Forgotten Day For Most American Men

Although this race featured one of the deepest American fields ever compiled based on personal best performance (five sub-American 2:09s were entered, the first in any race), Fauble was the only one to break 2:15. It was clearly a tough day to run fast with only three guys breaking 2:11, but few Americans would be happy with their performance today. A look at how some notable American men have performed:Galen Robb, DNF: Although Rob said the back pain he’s dealt with throughout 2022 has faded in recent weeks, he didn’t seem to be completely confident ahead of the race, admitting that he struggled with nerve problems in his leg during an imperfect period. . Rupp bravely went with the leaders behind Nascimento but once there was a change of pace he had no response and was out of the race shortly thereafter. Rupp is still only a year away from running 2:06 but if he wants to get back into that kind of shape he obviously needs to get some healthy training under his belt.

Red Fisher, Tenth (2:15:23): This was a solid race for the Tinman Elite athlete. After a rough start to his marathon career (he was 97th at the 2020 Olympics on his debut), Fisher improved with each race. He ran 2:10:54 in Boston in April (although that only put him in 16th place) and today he finished second in the top 10 in a major (he was 9th in Chicago last year).

Jared Ward 11 (2:17:09): While time isn’t something to write home about, this was a step forward for Ward, who was only 26th in Boston in April.

Leonard Currier, XIII (2:17:29): Currier, in his first marathon since the Twenty Trials, came out strong but paid for it hard and ended up doing a big positive split: 64:14/73:15).

Matt Lano, XIV (2:20:04): Lano was happy to do relatively well on the field because his latest marathon has not gone well as he has had a variety of issues including pain in his side which mainly occurs when he races. He hopes this will be a starting point for a return to his old form (2:11:04) pb.

Shadrack Kippshire, XXI (2:28:15): Between the track and the conditions, this was a very tough race to debut. Props to Kipchirchir to take it out and finish it because he was running a bigger positive split than Korir (65:31/82:44).

Abdi Abdel Rahman, DNF: This was supposed to be a farewell marathon for Abdul Rahman as a professional but he didn’t make it to the finish line as he didn’t score a split after 35 kilos.

Suguru Osako of Al-Ittihad Sports Club ranked fifth

his coach Julian’s house He said he wanted to continue working with him and talked about the changes at the Etihad Athletics Club and was full of praise for Donavan Brazier.


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