March 30, 2023

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Dragon Age 4 has a non-linear skill tree so you can customize your character’s class

Details about Dragon Age 4 – or more accurately, Dragon Age: Dreadwolf – have been few and far between, but they’re thankfully fresh. blog post (Opens in a new tab) Provide insight into how the game’s skill trees are designed and classes are assigned.

Allowing you to access the player’s “imagination” is at the heart of how the skill system is designed, says systems designer Luke Barrett. Barrett says that “because we support so many options, we designed something that can be customized extensively, rather than a more linear progression system.”

(Image credit: EA)

An early version of the skill tree design shows a sort of snowflake, with purchasable skill nodes at each intersection point. The tree shows six different colour-coded skill sets, which apparently represent different types of class disciplines. It looks like you’ll be able to cross borders freely between different disciplines, and buy skill upgrades that effectively allow you to create multi-tiered builds.