February 24, 2024

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Dramatic Moment: Tried to kidnap a child while leaving a business

Dramatic Moment: Tried to kidnap a child while leaving a business

The quick intervention of the parents allowed the child to escape. He was chased by the father and the witness and then caught by the police.

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The incident rocked the Miami Beach community, A man tried to abduct a 4-year-old boy Inside the CVS Pharmacy located on the corner of Collins Avenue and 74th Street in the city's North Shore area.

The kidnapping attempt was foiled by the brave intervention of the boy's parents. factsIt happened around 11:55 am on Thursday morning. They were recorded on a surveillance camera.

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The dramatic event was documented on video, which was later shared by popular local Instagram account Only Tate, creating widespread repercussions in the local and online community.

The images show the exact moment the attacker, identified as Nicholas Sternaman, was shotThe 26-year-old tried to pick up the boy who walked behind his mother as she left the store.

The arrest report describes how Sternaman, trying to escape with the child, was confronted by the boy's father, who neutralized the aggressor and retrieved his son. The mother also took part in the conflict and attacked the assailant to protect her family. It is reported that although the child fell during the protest, he was not injured.

After the failed kidnapping attempt, Sternaman attempted to flee the scene, chased by the child's father and a witness. The chase culminated in Sternman being pulled over by police on Harding Avenue near 71st Street, Local 10 reported.

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According to the police report, Sternaman lives in a penthouse at Mirador 1000, a well-known condominium in South Beach. Following this incident, He faces felony charges of aggravated child abuse and battery. It is noteworthy that Sternaman had already been arrested He was released on $150 bail by Miami Beach police on Jan. 3 for petty theft.

Miami Beach Police urge anyone with additional information about this case to contact Miami-Dade County Crime Stoppers at 305-471-8477.

The call seeks to gather more data to expand the investigation, clarify the motives behind the attempted kidnapping and prevent future incidents.

The attempted abduction has caused a stir Among Miami Beach residents, especially parents. In the reactions gathered by local media, the emotional impact such events have on society is evident, highlighting the importance of constant surveillance and protection of minors in public places.

Quick action by both the child's parents and authorities prevented the incident from escalating to more serious consequences., highlights the effectiveness of police response in emergency situations. The incident highlights the need to be vigilant and strengthen security measures to protect the most vulnerable in society from threats.