May 21, 2024

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Draymond Green confirms Jordan Paul’s oral report from January

Draymond Green confirms Jordan Paul’s oral report from January

With the pre-season Draymond Green-Jordan Poole altercation seemingly in the past, the Warriors are two wins away from advancing to the 2023 Western Conference Semifinals.

One sign that the team has really moved on, Green confirmed, was back in January To Shams Al-Shaaraniyyah Athletic Sunday.

Charania had previously reported, citing league sources, that Green’s role as post-punch captain was reaffirmed following a Jan. 27 home win over the Toronto Raptors, when the four-time NBA champion “orally chewed pee in the locker room after the game.” .”

Per Charania, Green demanded less pouting and better decisions from Poole – words accepted by the Young Guard and praised by the Warriors’ leadership, including Steph Curry.

And according to Green, the report was correct.

“I heard?” Greene asked Charania when the moment was brought up after Golden State’s Game 4 victory over the Sacramento Kings at Chase Center.

Greene told Sharanya that he did, in fact, remember the intense conversation with Paul. He took “three or four steps back” when he hung up on the squad in the aftermath of punching Paul during a training session in October.

But by January, Green felt time had healed the wounds.

“But at that point in the season, it’s time to do the push. It’s time to run,” Green told Charania. “And everyone accepts things better after wins than after losses. So it was an understanding that we were picking up some wins.

“That moment leading up to the All-Star break happened… I felt it was important to have that moment. But I also felt it had to be at the right time. We haven’t had a lot of wins together all year in a row, and so you try to feel the time is right.” We were on a home podium, trying to piece together the winnings. I feel like this is the time when you’re trying to reinsert yourself.”

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He said the fact that Green was coming in the bowl so hard was accepted by everyone — even the one Green punched — showed that the team was more than ready to defend the NBA title.

Green continued, “And by the way, you could reinsert yourself right there and that wasn’t accepted.” And if it’s not accepted, that’s on you. Take a step back again. But if it’s accepted, that’s — well, here we go, now we can start to put things together and we’re starting to get around.

“Now, you can feel it. Our team is here, and we’re ready to go. This is a perfect time.”

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It’s no secret that the Warriors have had a turbulent season, starting to punch and ride the entire way through the 2022-23 NBA campaign.

But Golden State knew all she had to do was make it to the playoffs, and her championship DNA would give her a fighting chance. That much has proven true so far in these playoffs, and Green’s reborn leadership can certainly be seen as a contributing factor.

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