May 18, 2024

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Dunkey launched YouTube video game his own independent publishing company

Dunkey launched YouTube video game his own independent publishing company

YouTuber Jason ‘Dunkey’ Gastrow has announced his own independent game publishing company called Bigmode.

In a five-minute upload to his YouTube channel, Gastro explained how he felt he had been sitting on the sidelines for too long, waiting for “great games” to appear, and now wanted to make a mark on the industry with his understanding of the medium. This is part of what he had to say:

“I’ve been on YouTube for 11 years now, and one of the core themes of my channel has always been throwing soulless cash in the trash and raising and paying tribute to truly inspiring artwork in this medium.”

“…for years and years and years, I’ve always been on the lookout for the best indie games out there and tried to do them justice, by putting millions of eyes on games that really deserve attention… my best of the year videos are constantly loaded with indie game recommendations like Hades…”

… “I want all real gamers watching this video to know that I will never risk my legitimacy by trying to push some junk game that I don’t believe in”

Jastrow also explained how his team put a lot of effort into making contracts in Bigmode as “developer friendly” as possible, which would also allow game developers to succeed and “continue to succeed” in the future. Bigmode is already inviting people to sign in with the company:

“At Bigmode, we only want to work with the most passionate and creative people out there, I’m sick of all these poor games, I’m sick of all the spam, I just want to work with those who go ham. We don’t aim for bronze, we go for gold”

You can learn more about the company at Bigmode website. What do you think of this ad? Leave your thoughts below.