May 26, 2024

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Dunkin’ Customers “Disconnect” from the Revamped Rewards Program

Dunkin' Customers "Disconnect" from the Revamped Rewards Program

Lou Balzani has ordered through the Dunkin’ app three to four times a week for years – but is rethinking his loyalty in light of the coffee chain New rewards program.

“Dunkin’ Rewards’ new system is downright insulting… We’re breaking up. It’s not me, it’s you,” The 30-year-old tweeted Sunday.

Balzani plans to move his business elsewhere based on the changes, he told CNBC Make It, which he described as a “pay more, get less” scheme that has been obscured by the new points system.

Other hardcore sponsors have They expressed similar sentiments on social mediaSome said they had removed the rewards program app on their phones.

As part of the revamped program, the company says consumers can earn points twice as fast as they did with the old DD Perks program: Now they earn 10 points instead of five for every dollar spent. However, the redemption value for the free drinks has increased.

Previously, customers could redeem $40 of purchases for any beverage, including premium items. Now, you’ll only get the same amount from a cup of espresso or tea.

Under the new Dunkin’ Rewards program, premium drinks like the Signature Latte now require $90 in purchases, more than double what customers previously paid.

The program offers some new perks. One big change is that food can be exchanged for the first time, with some items offered for less than $40 in purchases. Small Browns and Donut Holes can be claimed for $15 in purchases, while Donuts can be claimed for $25 in purchases.

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Dunkin’ Rewards offers “Enhanced Status,” which awards 1.2 points for every dollar spent to customers who visit the Dunkin’ site 12 or more times per month.

However, these perks don’t meet the actual needs of Dunkin’ most loyal customers, says Balzani.

“I’ve been a regular customer for 10 to 12 years and the food hasn’t been a big selling point for me,” he says. “When what you’re already buying gets undone with no real alternative or added benefit, that’s where you start to feel the benefit.”

CNBC Make It has reached out to Dunkin’ for comment on its new bounty program.

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