September 30, 2023

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‘Dynasty’ Canceled: No Season 6 Reboot for The CW

Dynasty Renewed or Cancelled

Pour one for the Carringtons – The CW’s Dynasty The reboot was canceled after five seasons.

As of April 26, Dynasty This season averaged 410 viewers per week and a 0.1 beta rating (with live +7 in mind), which is exactly on par with Season 4’s counts. Of the 19 dramas aired on The CW this television season, it ranked last among audiences and is out of seven with a rating of only 0.1.

The CW’s unusual “bloodbath” is likely to be canceled this season (at least six shows took the ax on May 12 alone) due to the upcoming sale of the rumored network (possibly to its Nexstar affiliate) and thus its uncertain future.

The Dynasty The reboot, a diverse twist on the prequel to the original series, starred Elizabeth Gillies as Fallon, Daniela Alonso as Crystal, Ellen Hendricks as Alexis, Rafael de la Fuente as Sammy Jo, Sam Underwood as Adam, and Michael Michel as Dominic, and Robert Christopher Riley as Dominic. Cohen, Sam Adegok as Jeff, Madison Brown as Kirby, Adam Hooper as Liam, Eliza Bennett as Amanda and Grant Shaw as Blake.

Previous series regulars have included Natalie Kelly as the original Crystal (also known as Celia), James McKay as Stephen, Adam Dale as Anders, Anna Brenda Contreras as Crystal No. 2, and Nicolette Sheridan as OG Alexis.

the original Dynasty It aired for nine seasons (1981-1989) on ABC. Church branches included Second Dynasty: Colbysa segment that aired from 1985 to 1997, and Dynasty: reuniona 1991 miniseries starring many of the show’s main cast.

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TVLine Renewal / Cancellation Scorecard 2022 Updated to reflect Dynastyfate. What is your reaction to the news? Leave your thoughts in a comment below.