June 23, 2024

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EA shuts down servers for the Xbox 360 title Syndicate in June

EA shuts down servers for the Xbox 360 title Syndicate in June

EA has announced that the Xbox 360 first-person shooter Guild servers will be shutting down later this year, knocking out 12 achievements in the process.

Guild servers will be shutting down on June 15th, EA has Certainwhich means you have about three months to unlock the game’s 12 online guild achievements before it’s shut down.

Guild servers will be shut down in June

Syndicate, a backwards compatible Xbox 360 title, has been removed from the Xbox Store, so if you want to complete this you’ll need to get a physical copy. It looks like some of the 12 Online Accomplishments That Are Set To Stop, on paper, could prove quite a challenge. The high-value asset achievement asks you to complete all of the co-op maps on Expert difficulty, while the professional achievement feels like a lot of grinding since it requires you to kill 50 enemies with all the weapons in the game. The CEO achievement is also another challenging achievement that requires you to complete everything in the game, including lots of challenging in-game challenges.

To make some of these achievements a little easier, it can be helpful to set up or join a guild gaming session to work through achievements online with other TA users.

In other server shutdown news, EA also announced that it will be deleting and shutting down three Battlefield titles later this year.

Are you going back to the guild to finish? Let us know!

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