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Eight NFL players who will change the balance of power in 2022: One from each division is set to make a big impact

Eight NFL players who will change the balance of power in 2022: One from each division is set to make a big impact

The 2022 NFL season has been full of surprises, as new players on new teams completely change the balance of power not only in their divisions, but in the NFL in general. Quarterback Matthew Stafford took over Los Angeles rams To the Super Bowl, Ja’Marr Chase’s wide receiver was a big factor in Cincinnati Bengals‘After the season ended, rookie Mac Jones got Bill Belichick and New England Patriots Back to the playoffs.

It was not about the newcomers, as we saw some young players taking important steps in their development that helped their teams tremendously, such as Las Vegas Raiders Large scale Hunter Renfro and Tennessee Titans Defensive tackle Jeffrey Simmons. Who will be the players who will change the balance of power in the NFL this coming season?

Below, we’ll identify one player in each division who can help their teams take over the First Division title in 2022. Players from teams that won their divisions in 2021 are not eligible for this list. With that being said, let’s jump in.

East Asia

Trek Hill Miami Dolphin

Of all the wild wide reception drama we’ve seen off-season, trading Tyreek Hill might be the most surprising move. The ever-present All-Pro took his talents to South Beach and would add a unique element to Mike McDaniel’s offense. Everyone can agree that Patrick Mahomes is a better midfielder than Tua Tagovailoa, but that doesn’t mean there will be low-light reels created this year from Hill being thrown out or publicly regretting his new-caller play. Whether it’s burning free safety or hitting defenders inward in a fast mile, Hill can do a lot in attack. In fact, his first order Following the trade was kicking back! It’s one of the many pieces the Dolphins have added this off season and I think Miami can at least help challenge the Buffalo in East Asia.

North Asia

Odavi Awa Baltimore Ravens

head portrait

Oeh made the Pro Football Writers of America NFL All-Rookie Team last year after notching 33 combined tackles, five sacks, and three assists. A completely promising start to an NFL career after he scored zero sacks in his last seven games at Penn State.

Many expect Ravens Bateman, the Ravens’ wide future, to advance in 2022 – which would be great – but can you imagine what he would do to this team if the Ravens had a new monster squashing around the edge? That high school with Marcus Peters, Marcus Williams, Kyle Hamilton and Marlon Humphrey would totally blossom. What stands out about Oweh is how fast he is, and he seems ready for a massive campaign. The Pass-rusher is a prime location, and the two star crows there will assist in their quest to move from From worst to first in the department.

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South Asia

Michael Bateman Jr., Indianapolis Colts

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Vegas is once again highly ranked in the Colts for winning the South Asian title, although they haven’t done so since 2014. Matt Ryan is a newcomer who has ardent fans in Indy, but the first wide player may be the most excited about a new debut. . quarterback. Pittman had an impressive season in the NFL, collecting 88 passes for 1,082 yards and six touchdowns. With his talent and what is seen as an upgrade at the quarterback, we could see better numbers from Bateman in 2022.

Jonathan Taylor might be the best player on this offense, but Bateman being the legitimate No. 1 at scale could mean the Colts win the squad. In addition to having a new midfielder, Bateman also has more talent around him. Rookie Alec Pierce has grabbed some headlines in the camp, and this could be the year Paris Campbell can stay healthy.

west Asia

Justin Herbert, Los Angeles Chargers

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The Kansas City Chiefs They are still seen as the favorites in West Asia, even though the rest of the division got a facelift this off season. The Denver Broncos They are certainly an interesting team with the addition of Russell Wilson, but the Chargers are my pick to win the degree in 2022. If I’m correct, it will be in large part because of star Justin Herbert.

The former NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year stepped up his game this past season, finishing second in passing with 5014 and third in touchdown passers with 38. He feels like someone who will be in the MVP conversation all year, and I also think he’s a player who’s just gaining confidence . What he has shown over two seasons is impressive. Shout out to the football gods for creating a Mahomes vs Herbert rivalry that we’ll enjoy for years to come.

NFC East

James Bradbury, Philadelphia Eagles

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The Eagles have been the bettors’ favorite this off season. In fact, at 25-1 in Caesars Sportsbook, the Eagles received more money to finish the NFL’s best record in 2022 than Every NFC team is a community. Some see Jalen Hurts taking a big step forward this next season or that it’s AJ Brown who sparked the attack, but I’m more excited about the defense.

Philly could have one of the best defenses in the league, as front office added passer Hasson Riddick, versatile defensive linebacker Chauncey Gardner Johnson and linebacker Keizer White, and has recruited players from what may be the most dominant defense in college football history. . Another writer added Alnsour He is cornerback James Bradbury – who played recently for the opponent New York Giants.

Former Carolina Panther earned Pro Bowl honors in his first season with the Giants in 2020, then netted 47 combined tackles, 17 assists defended and four interceptions in his career in 2021. The Eagles are experienced and sought-after talent in high school. He might be the least underrated player that boosts this unit, which could help the Eagles outrun Cowboys in Dallas In NFC East.

North NFC

Justin Jefferson, Minnesota Vikings

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We all know at this point that Justin Jefferson is one of the best players in his position, but there is reason to believe next season could be his best yet. Kevin O’Connell, the new Vikings coach, has been a training opportunity that people have been eyeing for years now. Not only has he worked with Sean McVeigh, he’s also next in line to preserve life, the former Washington aide, who has been bypassed and later morphed into a star head coach stereotype. This is not appropriate, Jefferson told me Under O’Connell’s leadership, everyone is having fun and communicating as a team.

The previous 22nd overall pick in the 2020 NFL Draft ended his freshman campaign with 1,400 yards and seven touchdowns on 88 catches, breaking the record for most receiving yards held by a beginner. Then Jefferson improved in 2021 with 1,616 yards and 10 touchdowns in 108 catches. That’s two NFL seasons, two All-Pro picks and two Pro Bowl appearances.

With O’Connell improving on attack and already knowing midfield Kirk Cousins ​​well, it feels like we have the recipe for another monster campaign from Jefferson. He told me in June that he’s out to prove he’s the best wide receiver in the NFL, and he might do so in 2022.

NFC South

Chris Olaf New Orleans Saints

head portrait

The Saints made a great pick in wide receiver Chris Olaf, and this wide receiver team 100 times better than last year with the return of Michael Thomas and the addition of Jarvis Landry.

With Thomas fearful of injury and Landry exiting his worst season in the NFL, I feel as though Olaf will play a very important role in this offense in 2022. He left Ohio State as the all-time program leader in receiving 35 touchdowns and gaining 13 touchdowns in Last season – which ranked first in the Big Ten. It was versatile, consistent, and had all the makings of a legit NFL at scale. James Winston had 4th best win percentage From the first week that quarterbacks started last season, he moved 5-2 with what was one of the NFL’s least wide receiving teams. I’m excited to see what he can do with the weapons around him.

NFC West

tree lance, San Francisco 49ers

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It’s Trey Lance’s time at The Bay, and this fan base is awesome. I’m sure Lance’s first full season as a rookie will feature impressive highs and disappointing lows, but he could be the quarterback who steps his steps toward the final part of the regular season roster — like the 49ers did as a team. last year.

The thought process is fairly simple: If the Lance could just be an upgrade over Jimmy Garoppolo, the 49ers would once again be in the midst of competition. I’m not going to lie, I really like the rams to win the division with extra money. But if there’s another team that can steal the NFC West, I’ll take the Lance and the 49ers.