December 2, 2023

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Elections in Spain: PP victory and far-right advance worry Alberto Fernández’s government

Elections in Spain: PP victory and far-right advance worry Alberto Fernández’s government

Alberto Fernandez And Pedro Sanchez They last saw each other two months ago at the Ibero-American summit in Santo Domingo. The two leaders, who have had an ideological connection and a close political relationship since the early and uncertain times of the pandemic, agreed on the need to resume the EU-Mercosar deal from July, when Spain is expected to take over the EU presidency. Fernandez repeated there, laughing at what he thought was the photo.A revised agreement with the European Union, adapted to current world events.

The landslide defeat of the Socialist Party in Spain’s municipal and regional elections this Sunday and the July 23 general elections announced by Sanchez this Monday have added uncertainty to the government’s will (along with Brazil). Luis Inacio Lula da Silva) to move forward with the agreement, among other reasons, the environmental requirements that the EU included in the original text and the reluctance of countries such as France and Poland to give up on their agricultural production subsidy program. The meeting of EU-Celac leaders in Brussels in mid-July will be contaminated by the electoral process in Spain, and as a result, it will depend on the pace this integration agreement takes (or not). Between Europe and Mercosur.

Macrismo, which has been celebrating the victory of the “Friendly Party” since last night, is awaiting its imminent arrival in Spain.

Without official information – President Turkiye congratulated the President last night, Recep Erdoganwho achieved his re-election from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs headed by Santiago cafiero They acknowledged this morning that the failure of socialism makes the political situation “difficult”, although they left a hole for resurrection in the July 23 elections. “What are you looking for? [Sánchez] It takes the initiative after yesterday’s decisions,” said sources close to the foreign minister, who met with the president this morning in Quinta de Olivos, Paraguay’s president-elect. Santiago pen.

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From Pro, they recalled the historical ties between the former president Maurizio Macri and successive presidents Jose Maria Asner And Mariano Rajoy. “Pro and PP are friendly parties”, admitted the former strategic affairs secretary. Fulvius PompeoAnd the senator Humberto Schiavoni. Two months ago, the PP’s current secretary-general and the government’s presidential candidate, Alberto Nunez FeijoIn Buenos Aires he met with Macri and two pro-contestants for the presidency, Horacio Rodriguez Larreta And Patricia Bullrich.

Along with Nuñez Feijóo, Rodríguez held a joint conference at the Larreta de Della University and met twice with the head of the Madrid community. Isabel Diaz Ayuzo, was one of yesterday’s big winners on Election Day. “The PP based itself on a clear identity, expanded its party’s support base, and successfully sold the image of good government in the face of progress by the current administration,” he opined. Fernando StrafaceInternational scale for Rodríguez Larreta.

With the victory of the Popular Party, the government is also worried about the good results achieved by the far-right group. Vox, which could help the PP form a new government in Spain. “It is worrying because it is a regressive right,” argued top official sources emphatically.

Beyond PSOE’s electoral defeat, relations between the two governments remained close from the start of the Frente de Todos government. Sánchez visited Argentina in June 2021, leading a delegation that included businessmen from the country, and later supported the Alberto Fernández government’s negotiations with the IMF and the government’s complaint about the “overpayment” of international debt. Organization of debtor countries.

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In August 2020, Fernandez appointed the terrorist Ricardo Alphonsine Instead, Argentina’s ambassador to Spain Ramen Cat, which held that position during the government of Campimos. Alphonsin maintains close ties with officials and leaders of the PSOE, such as the former president Jose Luis Rodriguez SabateroA regular defender of Chavismo in international forums and a former judge Balthasar CarsonEven last week, on May 25, he participated in the celebration of the Argentine delegation in Madrid.

Yesterday’s resounding victory for the PP, which maintains historical and solid ties with Machrismo (the UCR belongs to the Socialist International like the PSOE), was read with concern at the Argentine delegation in Spain and at the Casa Rosada. President’s House.

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