March 23, 2023

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Elon Musk hit back after a US politician said her Twitter was ‘ripped apart’

Elon Musk

Mark Ruffalo on Friday also advised Elon Musk to leave Twitter.

US politician Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) claimed on Wednesday that her Twitter account was experiencing technical issues after she criticized its new owner, Elon Musk, on the platform.

“This is what my app has looked like since my tweet annoyed you yesterday. What’s good? Doesn’t sound like a very free speech to me,” Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez tweeted.

Retweet, AOC post, Actor Mark Ruffalo On Friday, he also advised Elon Musk to leave Twitter and continue operating Tesla and SpaceX. “You’re destroying your credibility,” Ruffalo wrote. “It’s just not a good look.”

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To this, Mr. Musk was quick to respond. “Hot take: Not everything the AOC says is accurate,” he said.

Notably, Musk’s online feud with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez began when I researched the new Twitter owner over the blue mark fees. “Lmao’s Billionaire is seriously trying to sell people on the idea that ‘Freedom of Speech’ is actually an $8 per month subscription plan,” she wrote.

In response, Mr. Musk reiterated his position on the blue tick fee and quipped, “Your comments are appreciated, now pay the $8.”

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Meanwhile, after taking office, Elon Musk caused a stir in his initial moves. Twitter fired half of its 7,500 employees on Friday. On Saturday, the platform launched its subscription-based Twitter Blue service for $8 per month that includes a blue “verified” badge and other features.

According to an iOS notice, other benefits in the update also include “Half Ads,” a feature that allows users to post longer videos and prioritize higher-quality content.

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