June 19, 2024

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Elon Musk’s Return to Dogecoin Co-Founder Dubbed a “Self-Absorbing Grifter”

Elon Musk's Return to Dogecoin Co-Founder Dubbed a "Self-Absorbing Grifter"

Alex Duvbena

Jackson Palmer claims Elon Musk is tweeting about crypto to boost his ego with the help of people who think he’s “Tony Stark or something”

Billionair Elon Musk Dogecoin co-founder Jackson Palmer finally acknowledged in a recent tweet, claiming that the latter tends to be “a bit negative” at times.

“Achievement is open”, Palmer books In response to Musk’s note.

The Australian national, who co-founded Dogecoin with American software engineer Billy Marcus as a joke in 2013, left the crypto community in 2015, violating its “toxic” culture. Palmer was particularly critical of the libertarian anarchist beliefs of crypto proponents.

Palmer said during The last podcast appeared.

After Dogecoin posted massive price gains and became a $90 billion giant in early 2021, Palmer resurfaced on Twitter to share some controversial views on the state of the industry.

As reported by U.Today, Australian software engineer has criticized Musk, Dogecoin’s strongest promoter, as a “self-absorbed person” in Tweet now deleted.

Last July, Palmer went viral after tweeting that the cryptocurrency industry was a “cult-like” get-together of get-rich-quicks controlled by a “powerful cartel” of wealthy individuals.

In sharp contrast to Marcus’ sycophantic dedication to Musk, Palmer remains highly critical of the Tesla CEO. Last month, he sharply criticized the billionaire scraper for launching a hostile takeover of Twitter.

Palmer recently said that Musk is tweeting about cryptocurrency to expand his personality cult and boost his ego.

“There are a lot of people getting on the Elon train right now just because he pumped their crypto.”