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Fantasy Football Waiver Week 10: Stathers, Jeff Wilson, Terrace Marshall and more

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Week 10 fantasy football breaks may be weak, but Jeff Wilson has us raising an eyebrow with dolphinsTerrace Marshall continues to make noise for Carolina And a few more deep choices that piqued our interest. When we get to the extended run, let us find you some more help to hunt down those fantasy football leagues.


  • Players must be less than 60% listed on Yahoo lists
  • amphitheater in order of preference I often prioritize a potential uptrend over immediate average production
  • No suggestions from the FAB: it varies greatly depending on the inclinations of the league and is always relative (eg: if you lose RB1 to injury and there is a clear backup, it will be more aggressive)
  • QB and TE . streams assembled together– Their ranking might change a bit once the projections/ranks are turned on, and DST might change a bit too
  • emojis
    • 😀 = Tried telling ya – players have been included for several weeks (not much to add if you don’t want them)
    • 🧐 = Check if it has been dropped – players whose managers may be cut off due to some other need or impatience

worry report
More ducks
πŸ¦† (1-5) = More anxiety (woo-hoo!)
an egg
πŸ₯š = 1/2 … or about to give birth to a new anxious duck

  • Tom Bradyqb, tuberculosis πŸ¦†πŸ¦†πŸ¦†πŸ¦† – Brady has only one game topping 17.7 points, and his only game was with more than one touchdown. Chris GoodwinBrady’s availability provided a chance to go out for a while, but at this point, Brady was pirate Offensive, offensive line and just about everything in Tampa Bay are more than a disappointment.
  • Nagy HarrisRB, hole πŸ¦†πŸ¦†πŸ¦†πŸ₯šπŸ₯š – More about Jaylyn Warren Below, however, Harris’ Lisfranc injury appears to have drained his blast, and the offensive line isn’t helping matters. Unless Harris looks rejuvenated from his long break, this year looks like a lost season. If Harris doesn’t look better this week, Infinity Duck is waiting next week.
  • Raheem MostertRB, MIA πŸ¦†πŸ¦†πŸ₯š – In Jeff Wilson’s first match with the Dolphins, he saw more chances than Mostert. It was very close, but Mostert was offering a marginal RB1 value with little competition for touchdowns, and is now on a near-equal split. Mostert must keep his RB2 value in this offense with the combined action.
  • Leonard FortniteRB, TB πŸ¦†πŸ¦†πŸ¦†πŸ¦† Last year, Fortnite only made five games without attempting a Goal-to-Go dash and that was the same number of games he made two or more G2G attempts. This year, not only white Rashad Eating into his shots, Fortnite already has five matches without trying G2G. The offensive line and streak are suffering this year, as well as Fortnite.
  • Gabriel Davis, WR, BUF πŸ¦†πŸ¦† – Whether you love Davis or hate him, you have been proven right. The truth is, Davis has never been more of a Davis: count on landing. Davis has no more than four receptions in the game, which happened once (the first week). His three big games came with touchdowns, and the others are all 5.2 points or less. Davis Adel D Shane Jackson In his head days, that’s okay.
  • Debo SamuelWR, SF πŸ¦†πŸ¦†πŸ¦† – Samuel already had concerns about lower chances of rushing, and now with Christian McCaffrey A full ride in San Francisco, Samuel is no more than a WR2. He hasn’t rushed more than twice since week three and has gone between 2-7 receptions in those four games.
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Farewell: BAL, CIN, NE, NYJ

Quadruple arrangement stream

top banners

If you need

Waive wire waiver rear arrangement

  1. Jeff Wilson, MIA – 🧐 As mentioned, Wilson saw more work than Mostert (with hair). Mostert won’t go away, and we’ll probably look at the 2022 edition of last season Denver Broncos Where we can start both running backwards like RB2s with RB1 rising.
  2. Joss EdwardsBA – 😀 file crows They have a goodbye, which makes Edwards’ chance of coming back in Week 11 even higher, and we saw his ability to top 20 on his first start. Edwards is a standout when he’s healthy. Kenyan Drake is in here as long as Edwards is out, but then again, Edwards looks like he should be back after a goodbye.
  3. Rashad White, tuberculosis No, I don’t think White is taking the job for Leonard Fournette, but he’s pushing for a 50/50 split.
  4. Chuba HubbardSentences – As mentioned last week, Donna Foreman He loses action when the Panthers are low, seeing only 37.5% of shots in the second, third, and long positions after 40.9% at Week 8. Hubbard will engageβ€”when he’s healthyβ€”which hurts Foreman more than helps Hubbard, but still makes Hubbard worth stocking up on. for teams in need.
  5. Latvius MurrayDEN – with Chase Edmonds Involved, this turns into an ugly commission, but Murray was the main choice before farewell. Edmunds will likely see the long turn with a mix in the passing game, but that offense is broken and there are three options that make it worse than leaders the background.
  6. Jaylen Warren, pit – The SteelersThe first game of their farewell will be talking about Harris’ predictions for 2022. If Harris continues to move forward, the Steelers could easily look forward to 2023, when he’s at 100%, and use Warren more this season, even with the lead back.
  7. Ischia PachecoKC – I don’t want to do anything with this committee – it’s only the leaders who have a better attack / team – but in the weeks we expect heads A blast, it could be a Pacheco RB3 with a vertical landing. And if someone gets hurt and pushes this into two options, Pacheco will be usable.
  8. Elijah Mitchellsixth – 🧐 is set to return, and with Wilson gone, Mitchell is one of the first backups to actually show a Top 10 value.
  9. Isaiah SpillerLatin America and the Caribbean – I’ve been here for a few weeks, as Spiller is next behind Austin Eckler, with a top 20 value if anything happens.
  10. Keren Williamslar Cam Akers is back, and as it is now, I don’t want to do anything with this team outside of Cooper Kupp. However, the one who holds back and who can change things and possibly give us our RB2 value is the one Sean McVay loves.
  11. Kenneth JenwellPH – As we saw last week, Gainwell has some value in predictable blast games.
  12. Zach Moss and Jordan Wilkins, IND – if Dion Jackson waste time and Jonathan Taylor does not return (and ponies Looking at the draft could mean Taylor will never come back), and Moss and Wilkins are next. Wilkins knew the team and died on the spot Philip Lindsey, a new signing last week, but the ponies were traded for moose, which made this a bit cloudy. We’re probably headed to a timeshare unless Jackson wastes time.
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Backups and/or long-term side storage
(arranged in upward direction if starting)

Wide receiver ratings waived

  1. DeAndre CarterLatin America and the Caribbean – until Kenan Allen Returns, Carter is a starting slot receiver and two top choice for Justin Herbertput Carter into the WR3/4 conversation. Once Allen returns, Carter is nearly dropable, and certainly once both Allen and Mike Williams they came back.
  2. Wandell RobinsonNYG – 😀 Dropped by many during the farewell to the giants, Robinson is a favorite of Brian Dabol and Daniel Jones.
  3. Michael GallupDA – 🧐 Hope the Gallup turns into WR2 with Duck Prescott Lost, but in a goodbye Gallup and Prescott are back at 100% and working together could bring Gallup back to usable range (WR4 with bullish WR3 potential).
  4. Terrace Marshall, Central African Republic – 😀 Over the past three weeks, Marshall has been tied for 28th place in TmTGT% (20.7 – ahead of T. Higgins), 33 in TmAirYard% (27.3 – ahead of Jaylen Waddell) 1.90 yards per track (next to Amon Ra Brown Street) and 19.0 yards/REC – above Stefon Diggs. No, I’m not saying that Marshall belongs in the conversation with those names (averaging a 9.2 FPPG, which would be useful for a WR39), but it does give you an idea of ​​his recent use. Once again, Marshall was great NFL The potential customer who needed to improve the path and technology and take advantage of his opportunity with Robbie Anderson He went.
  5. Kadarius TonyKC Tony did limited work on his first Chiefs game, but Andy Reed said they had plans for his ability, and he could reach third behind him. Travis Kelsey And the jojo smith schuster. If so, the Weekly WR4 would be a high-ceiling.
  6. Jahan DotsonWSH – 😀
  7. Trillon boraxten – 😀
  8. Darius SlaytonNYG – Slayton was here last week to stash if you had a place during the farewell. He’s been one of Jones’ top two choices as three of his past four games have been worthy of starting in the 12-team leagues.
  9. Alec PierceIND – Week 9 was a duck fap, but Pierce is still the number 2 receiver, and Jeff Saturday might have some high school stunts playing for this offense.
  10. Donovan Peoples-Jones, Klee – It is strange that the DPJ is much better than Amary Cooper on the road and Brown Headed to Miami bye bye.
  11. Christian WatsonGB Romeo Dobbs outside 4-6 weeks, and Sammy Watkins He continues to fail with his chances. Watson has a high ceiling on his ability, and now he has a chance to pay for a key role.
  12. Nico Collinsho – Only here for the chance Branden Chefs withdraw in 2021 Michael Thomas And it never comes back. The Collins WR4 can be usable in the boom/break world when in good health.
  13. Zee JonesJAX – Jaguar version of Jacoby Myers With a little more contradiction.
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meh πŸ˜’ No thank you

  • Mikol HardmanKC – With Kadarius Toney in the mix, the receivers are almost as chaotic as the runners-up… well, at least there’s one clear lead with JuJu Smith-Schuster. Hardmann had a great week, but finished fourth in the % road (57.7) and rotated with Marquis Valdes-Scantling this year.
  • Chris Mooreho Even if Branden Cox misses the rest of the season, Nico Collins will be back – soon? – and he Texas a crime.

Don’t break my heart ❀️

  • Odell Beckham, FA ❀️❀️❀️ It was reported that Beckham wasn’t ready until mid-December, but now the report will be cleared this week. That may not mean it’s been active for a few weeks, but it’s time to hide it from its long-term WR3/4 potential…even if it doesn’t unblock me on Twitter. I was going to put Beckham next to Birx.

Waiver wires are narrow ends

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Streaming DST Ratings

tenth week

  • not in the hole
  • LAR vs. ARI
  • NYG vs. HOU
  • DEN in TENN
  • LV vs. IND
  • TEN vs DEN
  • ARI in LAR
  • pit vs no

week 11

  • no vs lar
  • LAR in NO
  • DEN vs. LV
  • NYJ in NE
  • NYG vs. DET
  • WSH in HOU
  • TEN in GB

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