April 13, 2024

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Fear and Desperation After Terror Attacks in Moscow | The families of the deceased have no information about their loved ones

Fear and Desperation After Terror Attacks in Moscow |  The families of the deceased have no information about their loved ones

What appeared to be a good night of music turned out to be just that Total fear and despair for thousands of rock concert attendees and their families in RussiaAfter A mob opened fire in the auditorium..

Videos posted on Telegram channels believed to be close to security forces showed at least two armed men advancing towards the room and other videos showed bodies and people running towards the exit. The attack took place at Crocus City Hall, located in Krasnogorsk, northwest of Moscow. This venue is one of the main concert halls in Moscow.

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“We heard shots and at first we didn't know what happened. Then I saw some terrorists shooting people. They threw Molotov cocktails and everything started burning,” a witness explained to the British network. BBC. “They took us to an exit. The exit door was closed, so we went to the basement of the compound, where we waited for rescuers,” he added.

After the firing, a group of assailants set fire to the building, causing part of the roof to cave in. Another eyewitness said children and teenagers were participating in a ballroom dance competition on campus during the attack.. By yesterday morning, local officials said firefighters had almost completely brought the large fire under control after the shooting. The investigation team indicated that the attackers used flammable liquid to set fire to the building.

“Just before the concert started, we suddenly heard several bursts of machine gun fire and a woman's horrible screams. And then a lot of screams,” he told the news agency. AFP Alexey, the music producer, was in the dressing room at the time of the attack. “Only three or four winds at first, then a few more,” he added.

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From the dressing room, the producer noticed the audience's panic and ran away in disbelief. Along with others on the scene, he restrained himself before quickly looking for a way out. On the way, before reaching the exit, he says he saw smoke and ash in a room.


“I'm completely scared, I feel like my whole body is hurting,” lamented Semyon Krabtsov, who called his wife at the time of the attack as she was at the concert. “I came as soon as I knew what happened,” said the 33-year-old man, who felt helpless. “I don't know what to do, it's total frustration”.

30-year-old Igor Bogotaev was waiting for a sign of life from his wife when his phone was turned off. “I'm afraid,” he declared. “I don't know what to do,” he added, adding that his friends tried in vain to get information about his wife at hospitals.