July 14, 2024

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Filming on location in Los Angeles continues to trickle down — Deadline

Filming on location in Los Angeles continues to trickle down — Deadline

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Location shooting in Los Angeles continues to decline amid the ongoing Writers Guild strike, down 51.5% last week compared to the same time last year. The WGA strike is now in its 23rd day with no signs of abating as films and TV shows have stopped production across the province.

“In a typical week at this time of year, there will be dozens of actively written TV projects in production,” said Philip Sokolosky, a spokesperson for FilmLA, the city and county film permitting office. “By contrast, we only have five scripted TV series with permits to shoot this week, and three of the projects associated with those permits have reportedly finished production.”

Of the two remaining permits for scripted TV shows, he said: “Both are associated with unapproved stages and studios. These permits are usually withdrawn by production on a two-week basis. Under these circumstances, the presence of a stage permit is not a reliable indication that work on the film is being carried out.” “.

During the week ending May 21, the number of film and television projects allowed to be shot on location in and around Los Angeles was 151, compared to 311 a year ago. However, those numbers include permits for non-syndicated independent reality TV shows and films, which are not affected by the strike. In the previous week, it was down 69.5% from its level a year earlier, and it was down 51% during the first week of the strike, which began on May 2.

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