February 24, 2024

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Finally, Google is saying goodbye to Google Play Movies & TV

Finally, Google is saying goodbye to Google Play Movies & TV

Google is about to completely transition away from Google Play Movies & TV. It has already moved Android and iOS users to the Google TV app, removed the app from all Roku devices and most smart TVs, and pulled the app from Android TV in October. in Recently published support documentHowever, Google has detailed the ways in which you’ll be able to watch shows and movies you’ve purchased through Google Play Movies & TV once the brand disappears for good in January.

If you have an Android TV or streaming device, you can view things you’ve bought or things you want to rent from the Shopping tab starting January 17, according to Google. If you have an Android TV cable box or set-top box, you’ll be able to watch/rent from the YouTube app starting the same day. And on the browser, YouTube is the place to go too.

Google has been slowly weaning users away from the Google Play Movies & TV app for a long time 9to5Google Reports The Google Play Movies & TV app on Android TV has already started pointing to the Shopping tab, so hopefully these changes won’t create too much of an inconsistency in the transition. Notably, you’ll still be able to watch the stuff you’ve purchased even though you’ll be getting the content from a different place, which is better than Sony announcing that it will remove Discovery content that users paid for from their libraries.

Google is not the only one working to integrate its applications and entertainment platforms. Apple provided Updated TV app It gives you access to things like Apple TV Plus as well as buying and renting shows and movies, all in one app.

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