June 20, 2024

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Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin has sparked controversy after a video of her partying with celebrities was leaked.

Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin has sparked controversy after a video of her partying with celebrities was leaked.

Prime Minister of Finland Sanna Marin was criticized after a new video was released this Tuesday appears in it Important dance at a private party, You have shared With a group of well-known public figures from that country.

A 36-year-old politician Criticized in December last year after attending a There was a case of Covid-19 contact at the nightclub. Now, without the isolations, she can be seen kissing and hugging and frolicking with joy.

However, this behavior is acquired Harsh criticism By some users on social networks. One of them was a sports talk show host Alexey Valavouri, He shared the video on his Twitter account Wrote: “This is Finland’s Prime Minister Sanna Marin. Some have said it’s cool… maybe among other teenagers. But a leader in charge of a country in crisis? He is the most incompetent Prime Minister we have ever had. He knows nothing. Take your leather jacket and resign. Thanks.”

Another user echoed the news reported by local media Iltalethi, And the question: “Totally unbelievable. The Prime Minister is making a fool of himself. After all the criticism his behavior and dereliction of duty has earned … “.

Also, a Finn criticized the Prime Minister and mentioned some important demands to the government: “This video is of #Finland Prime Minister @MarinSanna (beauty in white pants and black top) at a private party. Finland suffers from electricity prices, a shortage of healthcare and elderly care professionals, and this is how our leader spends his time! And while he was dancing, another noted that the country’s debt was “134,300,130,518.10 euros”.

An economist from the country also criticized her president: “Ladies, your prime minister is a normal 36-year-old housewife who doesn’t have time to watch Prisma and prepares you for blackouts, partying here. Winter. Can you leave soon?”

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According to local media reports, this latest video features Marin Alma, an artist, and her sister Anna, a photographer and influencer. Janita Autohost Dinny Wikstrom, Trumpeter Ilona Yilikorpi, radio host Karolina Duminen, stylist Vesa Silver and co. Ilmari Nurminen.

However, not all comments are negative. Some users celebrated Marin. “Finland Prime Minister Sanna Marin proves that if you work hard, you can play hard,” one user wrote. Another person revealed: “@marinsanna is becoming a symbol of progress and I love it. If permission is always sought from these monitors, There will be no female Prime Ministers. I am proud to show this video to my friends and colleagues. The world and ‘acceptable values’ are changing.

Recently, the leader of Finland shared some pictures on his Instagram account where he was seen in a silver dress which he wore to attend a festival. On this, she received comments both for and against and many comrades questioned her for participating in events instead of taking decisions.

One user reflected: “Prime Minister #Finland, #Channamarin, goes to festivals, dresses up for the occasion and shares it on her well-run Instagram. I like! Welcome to a new era. “