April 13, 2024

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First contact: Another internal candidate gets a second interview with GM for Steelers; Mike Tomlin applauds Raven’s retirement


Friday’s “First Call” contains an update of interviews for the Pittsburgh Steelers general manager. We also take a look at the franchise’s “to-do” list. Mike Tomlin respects retired Baltimore Raven. A former penguin played a role in St. Louis’ victory in Colorado on Thursday night.

Keeping It At Home (Part 2)

After a second interview with Vice President of Football and Business Administration Omar Khanthe Steelers took a second look at another internal candidate to replace Kevin Colbert as general manager.

The organization announced Thursday that professional scouting manager Brandon Hunt has received a second interview.

Hunt has been with the Steelers since 2010. He gave an interview to this year’s Raiders GM opening. The Bills and Eagles have also talked to him about several front office openings at their establishments as well.

Pete producer, Uber St. Clair alumnus and former general manager of billing Doug Wally have also given interviews twice. So did Buccaneers MVP John Spetic, Eagles MVP Andy Weddell, and Titans Vice President Ryan Cowden.

ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler says the process may finally be coming to an end.

Colbert has headed the Steelers front office since 2000.

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What is left to do

When someone takes charge of Colbert, he’ll have a lot on his plate.

Mark Sisler NFL.com We’ve come up with a list of one major off-season priority that every NFL team should tackle. For the Steelers, in his view, he finds depth when rushing to pass.

“Pittsburgh’s offensive (offensive) overhaul is in progress, but there are still holes in the post on the other side of the ball,” Sisler Books. “The Steelers are paper-thin at the outside quarterback behind TJ Watt and Alex Highsmith. Should time miss, the Steelers can’t count on Genard Avery or Derrek Tuszka to fill the void. It’s a rough time of the year for help, but camp cuts can bring an answer. The Steelers specialize in filling in gaps with veterans.”

Like Melvin Ingram, right? It worked great.

But that doesn’t mean the Steelers shouldn’t try again. Sisler is right. The position must be strengthened. The front office just needs to find the right personality this year. Clearly, Ingram wasn’t that guy in 2021.

ID They argue that too Finding a similar type of backup is quite a challenge. But the most important issue the team has to explore at this point is what’s going on with Stefon Tweet.

They have to make that decision, as well as make a call about what to do with the contract extension for Deontay Johnson and Minka Fitzpatrick.

tip of tomlin hat

Of all the things about the Steelers’ competition with the Baltimore Ravens, one thing that might not move the needle is the gambler’s retirement.

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But Steelers coach Mike Tomlin certainly noticed that development on Thursday.

Long Time Ravens Gambler Sam Koch announced his retirement After 16 years in the NFL. He will immediately transfer to the coaching staff in Baltimore as a Special Teams advisor.

Tomlin took to Twitter to congratulate Koch on his amazing career.

During every pre-Ravens game Tomlin’s press conference, he always took the time to throw a lot of praise to Baltimore’s special teams units, Koch and Jason Tucker in particular.

Koch was part of the Ravens’ Super Bowl XLVII team. He was a Pro Bowler and Second Team All-Pro in 2015.

The other side of the coin

Much has been said about the celebration of the immaculate reception that will be held at Heinz Field on Christmas Eve. The NFL schedule makers and the Steelers banded together on it to bring the Raiders to Pittsburgh to celebrate the event’s 50th anniversary.

But as it turns out, the Steelers will have to put up with another anniversary celebration from that year – one that Black and Gold fans won’t enjoy much.

like people in Discover the Steelers WarehouseSunday’s prime-time game will be October 23 in Miami in celebration of the Dolphins’ undefeated 1972 campaign. They beat the Steelers in that year’s AFC Championship game, a week after the Steelers sent the Raiders via an immaculate reception.

according to To a podcast with football writer Peter King on NBC SportsNFL scheduling executives Mike North and Howard Katz said they spoke to the Dolphins early on about preparing that game to be a special memory of the team’s 72nd achievement.

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The Steelers were already scheduled to play in Miami because of the NFL’s scheduling formula, it was just a matter of time and time.

Former penguin in play

The St. Louis Blues tied for the second round of the playoffs with the Colorado Avalanche in one game. Thursday they won the second game of the Western Conference semi-finals 4-1.

Former Penguin David Peron scored two goals. The first was in a 5-on-3 power game.

Wonderful. Some teams actually score with a two-player advantage. Is this allowed? Who knows?

Peron also scored in this duo against one.

That was Peron’s 10th post-season point. Gibsonia player Brandon Saad added an empty goal. Match 3 in St. Louis on Saturday.

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