April 17, 2024

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Florida Senate approves bill to restrict use of social networks by 16-year-olds

Florida Senate approves bill to restrict use of social networks by 16-year-olds
Florida legislators have set limits on the use of digital platforms by youth under the age of 16, combating the negative effects of cyberbullying and exposure to harmful content. (illustrative image information)

In a legislative movement, it sets a precedent in regulation Use of social networks among minorsHe Florida Senate According to the information provided, it has approved legislation that establishes strict limits on access to these sites by children and adolescents under the age of 16. Telemundo 51 And NBC 6. The project had already received support State House of RepresentativesIt seeks to provide additional protection against associated negative effects Use of social networks, cyberbullying and exposing inappropriate content etc. The initiative is now awaiting signature Governor Ron DeSantis In order to implement it.

As reported by UnivisionThe bill received 108 votes in favor and 7 against House of Representatives There were 23 votes in favor and 14 against Senate. Not only did the provision generate broad legislative support A heated debate about the necessary balance between the protection of minors and individual liberties.

According to CBS MiamiWhile some legislators and sectors of society have shown their support for the measures, describing them as necessary to protect the mental and physical health of minors, others have criticized the law as “an overreach of government”. Social media should be the prerogative of parents, not the state.

Accordingly AP NewsRepresentative of the Republican Party Erin KrallOne of the promoters of the law explained that it was a direct response “Forms of Addiction Social Networking Encourages Among Youth”It exposes them to risks such as online harassment and sexual stalking.

The Florida Senate is passing legislation to limit social media access to children under 16 in an effort to protect the online well-being of children under 16. (Infobae/Archive)

This argument is reflected in the structure of the Bill, which includes:and stricter measures such as banning minors under the age of 16 from creating accounts on social networks According to the report, sites are required to cancel accounts they believe are managed by minors under this age. WFLA.

Also, according to information from Telemundo 51 and NBC 6, The law contemplates a Age verification system All sites subject to regulations must implement. The system aims to not only strengthen access bans for minors under the age of 16, but also provide mechanisms to allow parents to request the cancellation of accounts in their children's names.

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CBS Miami The senator notes Tina Polsky, among other protesters, have expressed concern not only about government intervention in family decisions, but also about the law's potential unconstitutionality, which could infringe on fundamental rights. Senator Jason Pizzo He pointed out that although the objective behind this law is to protect the youth, it is serious Legal barriers undermining its effective implementation.

Gov. Ron DeSantis will weigh in on important Florida legislation aimed at improving the safety of minors in the digital space, marking a turning point in state policy. (REUTERS/Brendan McDermid/File)

Finally, AP News Despite the controversy, the legislation managed to garner support from both sides of the political spectrum, demonstrating a general consensus. There is a need to address the adverse consequences of minors' use of social networks. With your consent, Florida Positioned as one of the pioneer states America In taking specific legal measures to regulate minors' access to social networks, it represents an important milestone in the debate on the regulation of digital content and the protection of children in the information age.