April 22, 2024

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Following David Cameron's statements, the government reaffirmed its sovereignty over the Malvinas, but refrained from expansion.

Following David Cameron's statements, the government reaffirmed its sovereignty over the Malvinas, but refrained from expansion.
January meeting at Davos between President Milli and David Cameron

Because of the person who delivers it, because of the place and context in which it is uttered, it may have initiated a diplomatic expansion. But the government Javier M He wanted to prevent the situation from worsening. British Prime Minister David Cameron During his visit to the Malvinas Islands today, he said he believed the territory would want to remain under the administration of the United Kingdom.A long time, maybe forever”.

According to the agency's cable AFPUpon arrival at the Cameroon capital of Puerto Argentino (Port Stanley to the British), the inhabitants of the Malvinas were “absolutely welcome and as long as they wished to remain part of the United Kingdom.” We will support them and help them protect and defend them completely, as far as I'm concerned, as long as they want. I hope it will be for a long, long time, maybe forever.

These definitions and the arrival of the official created a strong impact in Argentina and provoked protests, especially among Tierra del Fuego and opposition political leaders who criticized President Millay for holding hands with Cameron in early January. Structure of the Davos Forum. In fact, at that meeting, President Malvinas mentioned the issue and spoke in favor of starting negotiations in the interest of the colonial people in the form that was later used in Hong Kong Island.

A proposal for a settlement of the dispute over the sovereignty of the islands – which culminated in the 1982 war in the South Atlantic, which Argentina lost – was grudgingly accepted in the form of a settlement for Hong Kong between the United Kingdom and China. for the Foreign Office and reinforced the idea that Cameron would travel and confirm the mother country's commitment to the colony.

British Foreign Minister David Cameron.

The Foreign Office refrained from giving a formal response to the British official's statements, but they believed Secretary David Cameron could convey to the islanders a positive view of the two governments' willingness to maintain a close and constructive dialogue. This was the message Mili conveyed to the Chancellor during their meeting in that exclusive Swiss city.

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In any case, Foreign Ministry sources took advantage of his suggestions Infobay In the words of the Head of the Foreign Office reaffirming Argentina's sovereignty over the Malvinas Islands, the South Georgia Islands, the South Sandwich Islands and the surrounding waters. And they pointed out that a solution to the sovereignty dispute can only be reached in accordance with the mandate of the international community.

This last definition of the “mandate of the international community” was intended to contrast the United Kingdom's view that the occupation and its victory in the South Atlantic conflict had closed Argentina's sovereign claims. National Constitution. The note points out that at every meeting of the Decolonization Committee, the United Nations urges both sides to come to the negotiating table to resolve the conflict.

Foreign Ministry officials – unsurprised by the tone of the reports – are planning a bilateral meeting between Diana Mondino and Cameroon next Wednesday in Brasilia. It is planned within the framework of the G20 foreign ministers' summit, which will take place in the South American giant's capital and despite recent noises in both governments, it was still firm. Another key figure for Argentine diplomacy will be there: US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, who will travel to Buenos Aires on Friday to meet with Miley.