February 28, 2024

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Forget Pokemon: Snapchat wants you to look for ghosts in an augmented reality game

Forget Pokemon: Snapchat wants you to look for ghosts in an augmented reality game

Fans of augmented reality games may have another creature to catch after years of chasing Pikachu and other Pokemon on the mobile game Pokemon Go. A new game from Snapchat will have players chasing ghosts.

what happened: Snapchat’s first augmented reality game, owned by parents Snap Inc Explode, Explodecalled “Ghost Phone” as mentioned in the edge.

The title “Find Phone” is a puzzle that can be played by the previous owner of a smartphone. Users play the game in Snapchat and search for ghosts around them using augmented reality.

The article reads “You will complete different types of activities to find and capture ghosts.” “As you catch more ghosts, you’ll unlock additional things that you can check out.”

Snap users can search for the game in Lens Explorer or go here to start playing.

Snap offers many of its own offers Toys such as “Bitmoji Party”, “Bitmoji Tennis” and “Bitmoji Paint” and also features games such as “Tiny Royale” and “Bumped Out” made by Zyngaunit of Take-Two Interactive Program TTWO.

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Why is it important: Explode, Explode is over Last second quarter with 347 million daily active users, a number up 18% year over year.

The company saw shares decline on the back of missed EPS estimates and the withdrawal of third-quarter guidance.

“While the continued growth of our community increases long-term opportunities, for our business, our second-quarter financial results do not reflect our ambition,” Snap CEO Evan Spiegel He said.

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The company’s augmented reality growth and original content were highlighted in the earnings report. The launch of augmented reality games could be another growth driver for the company as it works to maintain and keep a large user base on the platform.

“We are developing our business and strategy to accelerate revenue growth, including innovation in our products, investing heavily in our direct response advertising business, and acquiring new revenue streams to help diversify our core growth.”

Not all augmented reality games like “Pokemon Go” have gone viral, but Snap could see the game gain a following of players and also benefit from AR features like Lens.

SNAP Price Action: Snap shares rose 1.31% on Thursday, closing at $9.67 against a 52-week range of $9.38 to $47.71.