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| November 13, 2018

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Free Coding Lessons? Sounds Great!

Free Coding Lessons? Sounds Great!
Andrew O'Connor

Have you ever fancied yourself a hacker? Ever wanted to learn a bit about coding?  Worried about the steady approach of our new robot overlords and want to be able to speak their language? Whether you’re a matrix level cybernaught, or simply looking to take your first steps into a bright new virtual world of wonder, Codebar Brighton might just be able to help you…

Codebar Brighton is a fantastic resource that helps people learn to code for free. It is aimed at helping minorities into the digital industry, making the industry a more diverse place where a range of creative voices can be heard. The weekly workshops (presently held on Tuesdays) are open to women, LGBT and people who are under represented in the industry.

(But anyone can access the coding tutorials on their website)

Codebar don’t have a permanent venue so workshops are hosted by different companies who act as sponsors and also provide the pizza.

Don’t worry if you’re a complete novice, coaching is available for beginners, up to more experienced coders, and lessons include HTML, CSS, Javascript and Ruby.

The skills you’ll learn will be invaluable as we march ever faster into a digital future where code underpins all aspects of our everyday lives.

Maybe you want a career as a developer or maybe you just want to learn a bit about coding, either way the team are happy to help you explore new terrain and get creative with computing.

The team of amazing coaches give their time for free to help others simply for the love of coding.

If you fancy getting involved as a coach then the team want to hear from you! Or maybe as a sponsor or host? If you are an expanding digital company looking to grow your relationship with local coders, or know someone who fits this bill, then you can involved, do some good, and have some fun.

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