November 30, 2023

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Georgia Meloni has announced her split from her partner after a list of the worst

Georgia Meloni has announced her split from her partner after a list of the worst

It was known in press and political circles The relationship was shaky One of the Berlusconi empire’s private TV channels star between Prime Minister Georgia Meloni and her partner (whom he never married), a journalist. Andrea Giambruno. Meloni announced the split this Friday.

wrote that Not feeling politically weak Although all the controversy immediately erupted, including the confession that Andrea had an affair with another woman, now at the gossip stage. The inevitable affirmations and denials.

There was a sense that something was not working between the head of the Italian government and his partner, with whom he shares a daughter, Ginevra, who bears her father’s surname, is seven years old and accompanies her mother Georgia on his travels. The Prime Minister is going abroad

Meloni, blonde, handsome and high-strung, still young at 46, brought a reputation for traditional Italian machismo to Italian politics. Authority reserved for menEspecially at the height of power.

Giorgia Meloni and Andrea Giambruno. Photo: Andreas Solaro/ AFP

Salo was also the leader of a radical right-wing opposition party from the youth of the post-fascist Italian Social Movement Party founded by survivors of the Republic that ended twenty years of losing the war against the Allies. Italy’s experiment with Benito Mussolini’s fascist dictatorship.

“My relationship with Andrea Giambruno, which lasted almost 10 years, ends here,” Meloni said in a communication on social networks.

The Prime Minister insisted that their paths had diverged “for some time” and “the time has come to acknowledge that”.

Giambruno’s eruptions

Giambruno is notorious He lived his part between lights and shadows with great difficulty As the Prime Minister’s companion, above all else, he went to great lengths to demonstrate that his political positions, his professional research and his television appearances were not influenced by or consulted with his wife. Hypothesis is initiated more than once By programs of other channels.

Also, the very popular program called “Stricia la Noticia” of the same empire of the three big private Berlusconi television networks, which means “the news pulls”, closely marked Andrea Giambruno, his “koffs” and his habits. , tall and hair flying in the wind but combed.

Commenting on the rape of a young woman in Milan, Giambruno said she was raped when she was unable to defend herself because she had been drinking. As much as you like, but I believe that “women should not lose their minds after drinking, and avoid some trouble like finding a wolf.”

It was right far away His wife defends women’s rights against male abuse.

This Fridaywas suspended From his position as host of the program “Diario del giorno” on Rete4.

Political leaders of the ruling centre-right political coalition with Georgia Meloni declared their full solidarity with the prime minister. “Keep your head up and move on” He was symbolically embraced by Matteo Salvini, his government’s deputy prime minister and leader of the League, the second party of the right-wing coalition.

Carlo Calenda, the leader of the opposition party, Accion, said, “This issue It is very obscene and gross”. He added, “I am a detractor of Georgia Meloney, but today she has all my sympathies.”

“Thank you for the wonderful years we spent together and for giving me the most important thing in my life,” Giambruno said, with polls showing Meloni enjoying comfortable support from public opinion, now celebrating the first year of his government. This is our daughter Ginevra.

Meanwhile, other media, especially television, broadcast other statements of Andrea Giambruno in his TV program or captured by other colleagues, in which, when commenting on the cases of statutory rape in Palermo and Napoli, he uses the so-called logic. “Victim Blaming”That is the tendency to blame the victims.

Andrea Giambruno, host of the journalistic program “Diario del Día”, responds to the criticisms and revelations that erupt like a hurricane. “The more they criticize me, the more I do my job.”

In response, Andrea never received an order from Georgia Meloney. “I am independent and my partner would never dream of interfering with what I do.”