September 26, 2023

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Giants Notes: Logan Webb dominates Padres 2-1

Giants Notes: Logan Webb dominates Padres 2-1

San Francisco – After a day of fireworks, an argument between coaches and Conversations about “unwritten rules”, The Giants and San Diego Padres played a much better match for this rivalry. The end result was 2-1.

The Giants came out on top, winning Logan Webb’s dominance on a winning streak and a 4-2 homestand. Webb threw eight high-profile innings, surpassing his previous best, a 7 2/3-innings gem in Game 1 of the NLDS last October.

distance Tuesday’s weirdThe teams were back in baseball, and for the Giants, that meant a very familiar feeling. They have now won 15 straight games in the regular season when Webb is the main bowler.

The only real action in this drama came at nine, when Camilo Duvall walked on Eric Hosmer and then dug up Gorekson Provar to load the bases. Duvall hit hitter Matt Petty, ending a game that lasted just 2 hours and 11 minutes.

Same old web

Padres had a run in the first half but that was against Webb, who became the first MLB bowler this season to break eight rounds. Webb has only done it in 96 pitches, but he’s still poised so he didn’t get a chance to chase what could have been his first full game.

Webb improved as he progressed, finishing the match with only four strokes and not allowed to walk. Hit seven, and continues to be the theme for beginners this season. In two starts on this house, Webb allowed only two won in 14 runs, crossed out 10 and issued only one walk.

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The Giants won both games, and Webb expanded his streak to 24 consecutive starts at Oracle Park without losing. Webb set the franchise record on opening day.

capital party

Heliot Ramos and Bart are good friends, and when Ramos arrived at the weekend, he found his wardrobe next to Bart’s. On Wednesday, they were in a big league lineup together for the first time, and Gabe Kapler wasn’t shy. Ramos reached the cleaning point early in his second career and hit Bart sixth as the designated hitter.

Ramos was instrumental in getting the Giants to take the lead. After the dominant first half from Shawn Manya, Ramos led the second half with a walk. Mauricio Dupont’s singles and Williams doubled to put the Giants ahead.

Ramos was late to cut short on his next bet and then played a double with two in sixth. Bart starred in all three of his appearances at the plates.

Luke was the first to know them

Williams made his second start at third base and had an immediate impact. The liner led to the left in a pair and gave Webb all the support he needed, and Williams showed his defensive instincts in helping Webb limit damage in the first.

With a runner in third and one, Luke Voight hit a coach to Williams. Kapler plays first base during hitting practice every day, and he said the only thing that stands out about Williams is how accurate his throws are, and that was evident in a perfect shot on the board.

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Jake Kronworth had no shot, and Padres wouldn’t score again.

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