September 26, 2023

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Giants underestimate the glow Brian Dabul gave to special teams coordinator Thomas McGaughey

Giants underestimate the glow Brian Dabul gave to special teams coordinator Thomas McGaughey

The Giants have been working hard to announce that there is no problem between head coach Brian Dabul and special teams coordinator Thomas McGaughey.

Via Pat Leonard New York Daily NewsMcGauhey opened a press conference Tuesday by tackling a flare he received from Daboll after the Giants surrendered a 95-yard kick return touchdown against the Lions in the season opener.

“Good, Let’s just talk about the 700-pound gorilla in the roomright?” McGee told reporters. “We all know [Daboll] It was intense and on match day, that’s just it. No problem. It has happened before. This is just part of the game. He’s a tough guy, we have no problems. That’s just part of football, it’s a tough game.”

McGaughey then claimed that he and Daboll had not discussed it until the moment after the match.

“No, it’s football,” said McGaughey. “I mean, it happens. It’s what it is. It’s an intense game, it’s no big deal. I promise if you look at my face sometimes while I’m playing, you’ll see some crazy stuff too. That’s just what it is. You’ll see some stares and looks because this is just a game.” .

Here it is moment in question.

Presumably, McGawy’s decision to address the situation in his opening remarks was calculated and strategic. It was also arguably superfluous, given that Daboll was asked about it after the match – and downplayed it precisely in a way that seemed convincing and decisive.

not an issueDaboll told reporters when asked about the moment. “[I’m a] competitive man. We are all competitive. We are in a competitive environment. I hold everyone, not just the T-Mac, and myself and everyone else to a high level. I love T-Mac. “

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This is the simplest explanation. McGauhey’s decision to treat the glow positively gave it a second life when it really didn’t need one. He probably wouldn’t have been asked about it at all. If he had, he would have given the answer he preemptively gave.

If he had not been asked about it, this story would not have been written about him – and the like.