March 4, 2024

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God Of War Ragnarok is getting free Valhalla Roguelike DLC

God Of War Ragnarok is getting free Valhalla Roguelike DLC

Screenshot: Sony/Kotaku

Kratos will go to Valhalla in free DLC God of War Ragnarok This will see Angry Father fighting through waves of enemies in a roguelite structure. The update will come to PlayStation 5 and 4 on December 12.

The mini-expansion will take Kratos on a “deeply personal and contemplative journey” in the Hall of Dead Heroes. There, players will embark on a new adventure all about mastering combat challenges with what developers Sony Santa Monica describe as “all-new elements inspired by the roguelite genre.”

Here’s the trailer:

On the PlayStation BlogSony confirmed Valhalla The DLC will serve as an epilogue to the game and will give players access to Kratos’ entire unlockable arsenal regardless of their progress. Each run through Valhalla will unlock new resources that can be used to unlock permanent upgrades for the mode. Players will still have to commit to the Spartan Rage armor and path for each attempt, while also choosing between which stats will be increased, which perks will be limited, and which runic attacks will be used in each attempt. There are five difficulty settings and even new clothes for Kratos to wear.

The roguelite loop, where players effectively play through the game’s overall progression in a much shorter period of time and lose almost everything if they die, has recently become a very popular way for blockbuster films to extend their lifespan. IO Interactive has added the Freelancer roguelite mode to Killer 3 Earlier this year, Sony announced The last of us part 2 You will get roguelite mode In the PS5 remaster too.

It’s unclear if this is the extent of the DLC. God of War Ragnarok It will, or if a larger story expansion or standalone show is still on the horizon, as some fans have speculated. The 2022 action-adventure game concluded the story of Kratos and his son Atreus in two games instead of a trilogy. Fortunately, it appears that Valhalla The DLC will focus on the best part of the game – the combat – and free players to some extent from the complex RPG progression, or at least condense it into something more arcadey.

like God of War Ragnarok He crossed the general, and Valhalla The update will come to PS4 as well as Sony’s newer console. Hopefully players can play it without their fan becoming as hot as Kratos’ temperament.

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