May 23, 2024

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Golden Globes ignores and surprises: Will Smith, Brendan Fraser and more

Golden Globes ignores and surprises: Will Smith, Brendan Fraser and more

The “Triangle of Sorrow” has a lot to be happy about.

Could the satirical chapter directed by Ruben Ostlund “Sadness triangleBecoming the first Palme d’Or winner since “Parasite” to score a big Oscar win? Sure enough, the film earned two high-profile Globe nominations: In addition to one for Best Comedy or Musical, Triangle of Sadness earned a Supporting Actress nomination for Dolly de Leon, who plays a cruise ship cleaning attendant as she turns the tables on her wealthy expense. This is a huge boost for the Filipina actress, who also took home a Supporting Performance win from the Los Angeles Film Critics Association on Sunday.

Will Smith suffers another setback at the awards ceremony.

In a weak year for the Best Actor race, the Oscars face a tough decision: Should voters nominate Will Smith for drama Fugitive Slave? “Release,” Even though Smith slapped announcer Chris Rock at the recent ceremony and was banned from attending the Academy Awards for the next decade? The Globes didn’t have such baggage, but even with an expanded Best Actor lineup spread out 10 nominees over the Drama and Musical Comedy categories, they couldn’t find room to include Smith — in fact, “Emancipation” was snubbed across the board.

“Banshees” and “Babylon” are coming in strong

There is no better movie than Martin McDonagh with the Golden Globes todayAnisherin from Inisherin, which led the field with eight nominations. In fact, this dark comedy about a feud between best friends has garnered every nomination that could reasonably be considered. In addition to best comedy, director, screenplay and score, the Globes nominated all four members of the main cast, from leading man Colin Farrell to supporting players Brendan Gleeson, Barry Keoghan and Kerry Condon. Babylon got a boost, too: After some noisy and polarizing viewings last month, Damien Chazelle’s Hollywood bacchanal garnered five nominations, including major nods for cast members Margot Robbie, Diego Calva, and Brad Pitt.

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Fableman’s men are eliminated.

When two actors from the same movie compete for the same race, it creates a dilemma: Will the votes be split among the movie’s fans, drawing unfortunate disdain for one or both of them? Only “The Banshees of Inisherin'” managed to bring supporting cast into contention this year, while in the Globes’ supporting actress category, Jamie Lee Curtis was bested by “Everything Everywhere Every Time” co-star Stephanie Hsu, and “Women” was eliminated. Both contenders are descendants of Foy and Buckley.

Perhaps that’s what happened with The Fabelmans, which was clearly one of the Globes’ favorites: Steven Spielberg’s biographical family drama earned major nominations for Drama, Director, Lead Actress, Screenplay, and Score, but the film’s strong supporting cast—maybe The two representative candidates, Paul Dano and Judd Hirsch, split the vote very thinly. Never mind: The Globe will almost certainly go to “Everything Everywhere Every Time” star Ke Huy Quan, who has scooped up every accolade yet to come. If he decides to attend the Globes, expect his speech to be the most viral segment of the night.