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Brighton Journal | 3rd April 2020

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Good-Bye Coco Pops! Hello Fruit!

Good-Bye Coco Pops! Hello Fruit!
Hannah Midgley

What do you usually have for breakfast? Coco Pops, Nutella toast, a bowl of muesli that probably contains more sugar than you are aware of? Some might argue that, as long as you don’t leave home with an empty stomach, anything goes. But if you really want to kick off your day right, a good healthy breakfast is essential!

Don’t worry, healthy doesn’t mean fancy and requiring an hour of preparation when you are already stressed in the morning! Here are our suggestions for quick everyday breakfasts that will boost your vitamin intake and give you everything you need to start your day right!

Picture taken from here.

Picture taken from here.

No smoother way into the day!

They are easy to do, they don’t make you feel like having eaten too much and you can even enjoy them on your way to work without having to worry about crumbles and spots on your clothing. Smoothies are a real treat in the morning. How about a banana-berry smoothie? All you need is a small banana, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, a little bit of honey, some pineapple juice and the blender will do the rest for you.

Just put whatever fruit you like in your blender, add natural yogurt or fruit juice until it reaches the consistency you like and put it in a glass (or a bottle if you are on the go). Creativity doesn’t have limits when it comes to smoothie making!

Tipp: If you want to save even more time in the morning, you can chop up the fruit for several smoothies, put each portion in a bag and freeze them until you need them.

Photo taken from here.

Photo taken from here.

Chop! Crumble! Mix! Ready!

Hardly any sugar, but loads of good fibre! If you are a cereal fan in the morning, then Weetabix surely is a good option for you. Take two or three Weetabix and then go crazy at what you put with them as long as it is fruit! How about strawberry and kiwi? Or raspberry and clementine? Or even just a normal green apple!

Add whatever fruit you fancy, combine it with some natural yogurt and off you go! You can even use your Weetabix like a bread slice and put the yogurt and the chopped fruit on top!

Picture taken from here.

Picture taken from here.

Green, fresh and hearty!

Not everyone fancies a sweet breakfast, or at least not every day. So how about this hearty option: a slice of whole-grain bread, some lettuce, a few cucumber slices and tomatoes, some cream cheese and fresh herbs. This sandwich definitely counts as a healthy breakfast.

This sandwich definitely counts as a healthy breakfast and it’s a good option for those who need a breakfast that really fills the stomach. If you don’t like cream cheese, you can also try it with cooked ham or sliced cheese. Or you can pimp your sandwich with a sliced avocado.

Picture taken from here.

Picture taken from here.

The classic in a new way!

Who doesn’t like a good bowl of oats porridge in the morning? To stay on the really healthy side, do not use instant oats, but traditional rolled ones and cook them in a mixture of milk and water to avoid that your porridge becomes sticky.

As for Weetabix or smoothies, you can pimp up your porridge with whatever fruit or nuts you like. It goes really nice with a banana, some almonds and a little bit of honey or cinnamon.

Enjoy your breakfast! And always remember, the more varied your breakfast is throughout the week, the better for your health.

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