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Brighton Journal | 30th March 2020

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Good News! Brighton Primary Schools Remain Better Than National Average

Good News! Brighton Primary Schools Remain Better Than National Average
Hannah Midgley

In fantastic news released by the council, children leaving Primary School in Brighton and Hove are once again proven to be at a better standard of reading, writing and maths than the national average.

According to latest national figures, 67% of Key Stage 2 students in the city are reaching the expected combined standard in these three subjects, in comparison to the national average of 64%. Both the local and national averages have increased since last year, with Brighton and Hove’s 2017 average standing at 64% and the national at 61%.

The city’s children particularly excel in their reading, with their writing skills also proudly sitting above national figures and maths skills in line with the UK average.

These figures also show an enormous jump from figures released in 2016, which showed that only 58% of Brighton and Hove primary school children were above the national average for the combined subjects. This amazing improvement is not only a credit to the children, but also to their hardwokring teachers.

Councillor Dan Chapman, chair of Brighton & Hove City Council’s children, young people & skills committee, has taken the opportunity to proudly congratulate Brighton and Hove’s Primary school students. He has said: “It’s fantastic to see that our schools are continuing to improve and out-perform the national average.

“Our primary and junior schools work hard to make sure pupils love learning and leave with the skills they need to do well at secondary level.

“I’d like to congratulate all our schools, the local authority team and of course the pupils for their hard work and commitment.”

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