May 22, 2024

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Javier Mili condemns killing of Lear Rudoff at hands of Hamas: “These attacks will not go unpunished”

Javier Mili condemns killing of Lear Rudoff at hands of Hamas: “These attacks will not go unpunished”
President Diana Mondino (Adrián Escandar)

This Tuesday, Javier Mili strongly condemned the murder Lear RudoffAbducted Argentinian citizen Hamasand demanded the immediate and unconditional release of all remaining comrades in the hands of the terrorist group.

Through a statement from the Office of the President, the National President “expressed his condolences to the family and friends of Argentinian citizen Leo Rudoff, who was assassinated by the terrorist organization Hamas.”

“The National Government exemplifies the courage, bravery and honor of Lior, who died protecting his family on October 7, being responsible for the safety of his community. “To this day, Hamas has abducted his body, preventing his family from saying goodbye to his remains,” he said.

Furthermore, “unfortunately, the premeditated and planned attack by previous governments against our famous armed forces has made Argentina helpless in the face of attacks of international terrorism,” the head of state stressed.

President Javier Mili (EFE)

“Strengthening the armed forces is one of the main priorities of this government so that all Argentinians can walk safely around the world and know that they enjoy the full support of this government,” he added.

Finally, he assured, “These attacks will not go unpunished as happened in previous administrations. “We will continue to demand the release of all hostages taken by the terrorist organization Hamas, and we will continue to work so that the world knows that every time Argentina walks around the world, this administration is dealing with him.”

For its part, Argentina’s foreign ministry “deeply regrets the death of Argentinian citizen Lior Rudoff at the hands of Hamas, which occurred on October 7 and was confirmed today by Israeli authorities.”

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Expressing its deepest condolences to his family and friends, the Ministry (External Affairs) reiterates its strong and firm condemnation of the terrorist acts of Hamas. Diana Mondino.

Likewise, the national authorities again demanded “with great urgency and without conditions the release of Argentines held hostage by the terrorist group”.

“Argentina, with the support of other countries in the same situation, is making an effort to ensure the immediate return of all hostages to their homes and families,” it concluded.

The speech was released shortly after news broke of the death of a 61-year-old man who moved to the Middle East at the age of 7, where his family was living during the attacks in the Gaza Strip. retained body.

Rudaeff was the 38th hostage whose death had already been determined 132 people are detained in Gaza.

The victim was married to Yaffa and had four children (Noam, Nadav, Bar and Ben). Lear was born in Argentina and moved to Israel with his family at the age of 7 Kibbutz Nir Yitzchak. Rudaeff farmed and worked as a truck driver, and volunteered for his community as a doctor and ambulance driver.

The sad news was confirmed by a relative of the man, who read the news shortly before attending an event in Congress, which he ultimately did not attend: “His glasses were spotted with blood. It has been 214 days since Lear died. It is difficult to understand what families of abductees go through. All abductees must now return to their homes safe, sound and alive. Lear did not return alive“, commented Michaela Rudoff.

Hamas launched attacks on Gaza on October 7 (REUTERS/Hatem Khaled)

Organized within the framework of the Human Rights Commission of the House of Representatives, the event continued with a joint photo of legislators from almost all political constituencies along with photographs of the hostages.

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A few minutes ago we learned that Lear Rudoff had died So we are going to start with a minute’s silence,” explained a representative who presided over the parliamentary meeting.

Likewise, the legislators agreed to sign a draft joint declaration so that the House of Representatives continues to demand the release of the abductees every session.

Terrorists including Julio Cobos, Fabio Quetzalez and Carina Bunfi; Peronists Leandro Santoro and Santiago Cafiero; Sabrina Ajmeset, Hernan Lombardi, Waldo Wolff and Alejandro Pinocchiaro PRO’s; Margarita Stollbeiser, from GEN; Socialist Esteban Boulan; Juliana Santillan and Martin Menem, from La Libertad Avanza; And Maximiliano Ferraro of Civic Alliance. was also George KnoblowitzPresident of DAIA.

“The 7th of every month is very difficult, but this one is more difficult than others. But we were able to do something that I want to highlight: Representatives of various political parties who disagree on anything managed to take this photo”, noted Sabrina Ajmesade.