December 6, 2023

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Google Chrome drops reverse right-click image search in favor of Lens

Google Chrome drops reverse right-click image search in favor of Lens

Is it really an improvement?

Google tried the best lens For some time. At first, it was only a mobile phone. Then it was Added to Chrome In a simple way, and some users have recently discovered a file Integrated beta for desktop browser search While using incognito mode. Now there seems to be another obvious change, like GHacks ملاحظات Notes That Lens is now Just Choose reverse image search when you right-click an image while using Chrome.

If you are using an updated version of ChromYou should be able to simply right-click on the images, and you should see a menu that says “Use Google Lens”. That’s it. Yes, Reverse image search We also knew it was still there, but instead of a few clicks, it’s now more like a trip to get there. Users can also still get extensions that make reverse image searches via the original feature easy, of course, but if you love Lens, congratulations! It’s now the main Chrome desktop choice when you keep track of everything you’re looking for.

Screenshot showing the change in Chrome's right-click menu

The search stack didn’t address the change, but it’s reasonable to believe that Google doubled down on the Google Lens gospel with another push for people to use that instead of the old version. and lens option could It provides better context for what you are looking for. In the end, we’ll just have to wait and see if users eventually agree to the change.

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