April 13, 2024

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Google Meet steals Zoom trick to easily unmute

Google Meet steals Zoom trick to easily unmute

As Google performs unnecessary complex The process of combining both Meet and Duo applications, a feature copied from Zoom is now being thrown into the mix. in Update on the Google Workspace blogHowever, the company announced that Google Meet will soon give you the ability to bring your voice back by holding down the spacebar and mute you again by releasing it.

If you use Zoom frequently, this feature may seem like a lot Push to talk feature – That’s because it’s basically the same thing. Zoom has had this feature since at least 2020, and it comes in handy whenever you want to chime in during a meeting but don’t want to go unmute for long.

Google says it will start rolling out its own version of the shortcut to all Workspace users on September 9, but it could take up to 15 days to see it. Once it’s there, it won’t be on by default, so you’ll have to enable it from your Google Meet settings.

bafflingly, Google’s efforts to integrate Duo and Meet We left the new Meet (the app that combines Duo and Meet), the old Meet (the original) and Duo acronym that leads to Meet. It’s really something only Google can think of. He said that, I absolutely sure The new push-to-talk feature is coming to the new Google Meet, but it’s still not entirely clear if it will make it to the (native) Meet app, as Google will eventually discontinue that. the edge I reached out to Google to see if they could clarify things but they weren’t answered right away.

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