December 8, 2023

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Google no longer builds its own augmented reality glasses

Google no longer builds its own augmented reality glasses

Google has killed a project known internally as “Iris” it set up to build augmented reality glasses, it says. Business interested. The tech giant has been developing the glasses for several years, but has reportedly halted Iris after waves of layoffs and company shake-ups over the past few months. Another event factored into Google’s decision was the departure of Clay Bavor, the company’s former head of augmented and virtual reality, to form a startup with Salesforce co-CEO Brett Taylor. Additionally, Google reportedly kept changing its strategy for the Iris glasses, which became a source of frustration for team members working on the project.

when the edge The Iris augmented reality glasses were reported in early 2022, and it said Google might release the device in 2024. The Iris AR glasses were supposed to look like a regular pair of glasses. An early version is said to be similar to a product called “Focals” from North Corporation, a Canadian startup that Google acquired in 2020. Google is also defamation A newer version is in a video showing AR translation in real time.

While the company has stopped working on its own AR hardware, Business interested He says he still has big ambitions for augmented reality. Rather than building its own hardware, Google has apparently chosen to focus on building “Android for augmented reality” instead. The company is said to be hoping to adopt the same business model it uses for its mobile platform and license its AR software to manufacturers. Right now, Google is busy developing Android XR for its “extended reality” Samsung wearables, and according to insideon a new platform called “micro XR” for eyewear.

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