February 21, 2024

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Google's Nearby Share feature is combined with Samsung's Quick Share feature for file sharing

Google's Nearby Share feature is combined with Samsung's Quick Share feature for file sharing

A few days ago, it was revealed that Google could integrate its Nearby Share file sharing feature with Samsung's Quick Share feature. And now Google has made it official. Google's Nearby Share feature has been integrated into Samsung's Quick Share feature, which is now Android's default file sharing system.

You won't need to deal with two file sharing systems anymore.

Google is teaming up with Samsung to create the Quick Share Android virtual file sharing system

During the ongoing CES 2024 exhibition in Las Vegas, USA, Google He made some announcements Related to Android. One such announcement was the rebranding and integration of the Nearby Share feature, which was the default file sharing system for Android (phones and tablets) and Chrome OS devices. Nearby Share is integrated with Samsung's Quick Share file sharing system. This means that the latest version of Quick Share will be the default file sharing system on all Android and Chrome OS devices. The new feature, which now has a new logo, will begin rolling out next month, according to Google. This means that the new system will be introduced as part of the Google Play system update.

Google says the new version of Quick Share has the best aspects of both Nearby Share and Quick Share. So you can share documents, files, photos, links, texts, and videos more quickly and efficiently between Android and Chrome OS devices. Google will also update the Nearby Share app for Windows so you can share files with Windows 10 or Windows 11 PCs as well. Currently, Nearby Share for Windows does not support PCs that use ARM processors, but Google could update this app to support ARM chips as well.

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The company also announced that it is working with PC and laptop makers to pre-install Quick Share on their devices, and LG has been selected as the first partner. Future LG laptops will come with Quick Share pre-installed. With a quick tap, you can see which Quick Share-compatible devices are nearby and share files with them wirelessly. As usual, you can choose who can share files with you (just you, your contacts, or anyone nearby) through your privacy settings.