May 27, 2024

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Google's Pixel 9 may get an Apple-like satellite SOS feature

Google's Pixel 9 may get an Apple-like satellite SOS feature

It's possible that Google will add a feature very similar to Apple's Emergency SOS to the Pixel 9 and the next Pixel Fold. This is according to leaker Kamila Wojciechowska, who writes to Robot body The company will partner with T-Mobile to offer this feature but may add other service providers later.

Just like Apple's system, Google's SOS feature will reportedly present future Pixel owners with a series of questions to ascertain what's going on, rather than letting users have their say. Video in Robot body The article shows the animation that Google will show to users to help them align the phone with the satellite.

According to Wojciechowska, these are some of the questions the feature will ask:

T-Mobile announced it had teamed up with SpaceX for satellite messaging service more than a year ago, but didn't specify pricing — and as of January, it was still in testing. Last year, a developer discovered some Google messaging code that indicated the feature was on its way to Garmin as a provider. Garmin offers such a service for its InReach two-way messaging devices using its Iridium satellite network, which Iridium says can reach “anywhere on Earth.”

However, whether offered by T-Mobile or Garmin, the feature won't necessarily be free — Garmin, for example, costs $15 per month to get started. Again, Apple supports its services at the moment, and Google probably does as well.

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